An Angry Dwarf Named Bob

May 23, 2011
By Anonymous

Bob was a dwarf that enjoyed sneezing on small animals and watching sunsets. Bob also has anger issues and severe mental problems. He had just escaped a mental institution in Canada and was now taking a walk in the park. He had brought along some pepper and a book. Bob planned to sneeze on some puppies. He strolled along the path, read two chapters of his novel, and fed the duck. This duck was named Webster and bit him. Bob got mad. He huffed and puffed and sneezed all over Webster. His first thought was, “Whoa! I just sneezed on a duck! I never sneezed on a duck before!” His next thought was, “AAALLLLLIIIIII!!!!” because the duck started to chase after him. Bob kicked him. Webster put up his wings and said, “ Wait- Wait, we’ll settle this like men- with a battle of Rock-paper-scissors! Ready? Rock… Paper…SCISSORS!” Webster had paper. Bob had rock but quickly changed to scissors. “Hey I saw that!” yelled Webster. And they got into a vicious battle. Bob sneezed some more. Webster quacked at him. Bob chafed him. The end looked nigh for Webster until, Webster pulled out a large book containing words and their definitions. “Take that Bob!” Bob was out cold.


Webster decided to publish this book and it later became the first dictionary. It’s called “Webster’s Dictionary”.


The author's comments:
author's note;
i have no discrimination against dwarfs or people of similar due to genetic defects. really.

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