George the Frog

May 23, 2011
By Anonymous

There once was a frog named George. George was a bad frog who eats American cheese and kills people with bricks. One day George the Frog saw a hobo. This hobo was actually a rich and evil CEO with issues. George was in a bad mood and needed to release this anger on the hobo. So he threw a brick at the hobo who was really a CEO. This made the CEO/hobo mad. So he decided to trick him. The CEO/hobo smiled and offered George three wishes fulfilled in long contracts in a foreign language. Being an evil frog, George immediately wished for a brick that never missed its target, a lifetime supply of cheese, and a lot of money. He signed the contract and got what he wished for. The brick fell on his head and knocked him out. The cheese was stale and moldy. The money came in pennies and crushed him, until he died. In hell George wandered around aimlessly for a few years until he finally found the evil CEO. He was lounging in a chair with a cool drink watching people suffer. George took a brick and aimed for his head until rotten grilled cheese fell on his head. The End.

The author's comments:
author's note;
i have no discrimination against the homeless. really. or CEOs.

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