Bobo the Hobo

May 23, 2011
By , Sacramento, CA
Bobo was a hobo who enjoyed writing in cursive and spitting on people and being unpleasant. These are qualities that get you in trouble. So one day Bobo decided to perfect his cursive writing and traveled to WALMART to purchase paper and a pen. Being a hobo was hard and Bobo had a difficult time finding these items. So he asked a WALMART employee. Now before we continue with our story, Bobo chose Jill to answer his question. Now Jill was in a bad mood. I’ll give you a short recap: Jill was out of coffee and was stuck in traffic for two hours without any caffeine in her bloodstream with the radio stuck on a German country music radio station. Country music is bad enough, but when you throw German into the mix it takes on a whole new level of horribleness. Jill’s boss yelled at her and decreased her already low pay check. Now we shall continue with our story.
“Where’s your paper and pens?” asked Bobo, spitting on her as he spoke. Jill was mad. Her pupils grew large. Her face became red. Her nostrils flared. And she punched Bobo in his nose. Bobo was mad. His pupils grew large. His face became red. Spit drooled out of his mouth. He tackled Jill and a fight started. Jill kicked Bobo. Bobo pulled her hair. Jill bit Bobo’s arm. Bobo cried out “Uncle!” But Jill didn’t listen. She killed Bobo by choking him. Jill is currently in jail for an unknown amount of time. Bobo’s corpse was thrown in the dump, not being able to afford a funeral. I guess I could write a sappy moral like ‘don’t start fights’ or ‘it’s not nice to bite someone’, but what fun would that be? So the moral of this charming tale is: “Never name your hobo Bobo”


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