Justin Bieber...Dead?!

May 12, 2011
By MBrookstolley BRONZE, Fayetteville, Arkansas
MBrookstolley BRONZE, Fayetteville, Arkansas
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It was a normal evening for Justin Bieber; he was just chilling out relaxing about doing his usual preparation for his concert. Little does he know that this could be his last concert…ever. Justin was finally coming to Arkansas and Katie Ruddell (age 16) was beyond excited because she had tickets to his concert. She was finally getting to see her “future husband.” Katie and her mom drove up to the over-flowing parking lot. The concert didn’t start for three more hours and the line to get in was already longer than a mile. When they finally pushed their way through the crowd to their seats Katie was shaking because she was so excited to just get a glimpse of Justin Bieber. Katie was close enough to smell Justin’s sweat. Justin ran out on stage singing one of his hit songs “Baby.” Katie sung along very passionately. When the concert was over, Katie snuck back into Justin’s dressing room and shot him with anesthesia. As he quickly falls, Katie rushes to put him in the giant brown body bag she had bought. It was originally meant for large potatoes but Katie could make him fit. She drags him casually to her moms SUV throws him in the trunk and jumps in. They drive away and start heading for the mansion that the Ruddell’s used to own. When they arrive she lugs him up the long dirt road and into the mansion. She puts him in a big king chair and ties his hands and feet to the arms and legs of the chairs. When Justin awakes from his anesthesia he looks very startled. Katie immediately yells “I love you. Too much to put into words, believe me, I’m saving you from all those psycho girls who want to marry you.”

“Umm I think you are one of them. I don’t want to marry anyone but Selena.” Says Justin.
“I could get rid of Selena.” Katie says.
“That won’t be necessary.” Justin says with a fake smile on his face.
Katie suddenly gets an idea and sprints to her car and drives home to get some necessary supplies. She manages to grab scissors, hair dye, lip stick, and some new clothes. When Katie comes back to the mansion where she is keeping her “future husband” she looks a lot like Selena Gomez, which happens to be the person that Justin is in love with. Justin’s eyes suddenly light up…until he realizes it its just the psycho that wants to marry him. Things that are happening back in the real world is pure chaos. All the Justin Bieber fans are out on a search for the girl who stole the “hottest man alive.” Soon they will figure out that Katie Ruddell from Fayetteville Arkansas was the culprit. Nikki Anderson from New Jersey was the most upset about Justin going missing so she decided to put up posters and offered reward money. The reward money was 5 million dollars. Nikki’s father was a wealthy business man and was determined to pay any price to get her what she wanted. Katie saw the reward money and got very nervous that someone would see her and would find out that she was the one guilty of the crime. Nikki hosted a “Save Justin” meeting in her hometown New Jersey, and every fan came to hear what they could do to help. Nikki assigned twenty people each state. Every fan, boy or girl was determined to get the 5 million dollar reward for finding Justin. Plus Nikki explained whoever found him would probably be rewarded by Justin too. She took forty people and went to Arkansas which is where Justin was when he went missing. Nikki got an anonymous tip that the person who had stolen Justin was at an old abandoned mansion. Nikki searched all mansions in Arkansas and finally came the Ruddell residences.
“Let’s go around back.” Nikki says exasperated and she was ready to go as far as killing the person who snatched her future husband. When she breaks the door down she tackles Katie and stabs her in the throat with a pen. Nikki calls the cops and explains that it was just self defense and that Katie should go to jail for life and be severely punished for her wrong doing. Nikki has the 5 million dollars and decides to give it to Selena who was very depressed after the whole situation with Justin falling in love with Nikki Anderson, a girl who Justin wouldn’t even know exsited if it wasn’t for Katie Ruddell. Justin is forever thankful that Nikki saved him, they fall in love and he asks for her hand in marriage and they live…..

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