Nike Vs. Jordan

May 12, 2011
By Paulay BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
Paulay BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
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Josh bought Nike Basketball gear, and Jordan basketball gear for school basketball. He’s an 8th grade small forward that’s 6’1”. He likes Jordan and Nike basketball gear.
“He’s going to pick me,” said the Nike logo, “I’m better for basketball”.
“No he’s not, I’m a lot better. My owner was a basketball star in the NBA,” yelled the Jordan logo.
“I’ve got a bunch of gear such as: Nike Elite socks, Headbands, Arm and Leg bands, Underarmour, Mouth guards, and a lot more. Also I’m easier to get sponsored by,” remarked Nike.
“Yeah you’re easier to get sponsored by because you’re not as good as me,” replied Jordan angrily.
“Hey mom,” yelled Josh to his mom.
“Yes Josh?” she replied.
“Which gear do you like better?” asked Josh.
“Well, to be honest, I like them both,” she replied.
“I can’t decide on which one to pick,” he stated.
“Well why don’t you wear one this year and wear the other one next year?” she asked.
“No, never mind I’ll think of something else,” he replied.
“Okay” she said.
Josh sat in his room for an hour more.
“I got it. Why don’t I just wear them both?” he thought to himself.
Josh went on to wear both. He calls it his lucky combo because that year he was elected Middle school M.V.P.

“This combination is good, I think I might keep this combo throughout high school, but with different types of Jordan and Nike gear,” Josh said to his friend Chris.

“Yeah,” Chris replied.

“Well we have one more game left. The state championship game,” stated Josh.

“I know and we have to win, this is the most important game of the year. If we don’t win it’s going to make us look bad. We’re playing the number 7 seed in state, and we’re the number 1 seed in state,” explained Chris.

“Well I hope we do. This year is the first year that they’re handing out championship rings” replied Josh.

“Well I have to head home, see you tomorrow at the game,” replied Chris.

“Okay,” said Josh.

The next day at the state championship game they go on to win and are the first team to win a championship ring. That game Josh made a middle school record in Florida he did something no “NBA” star has ever even done before. He got ten or more in every category. He had 63 points, 18 rebounds, 25 assist, 12 blocks, and 11 steals. After the game he gets to meet the Miami Heat “Big 3” (LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh).

“Great game out there Josh,” said Chris Bosh.

“We’re going to make sure you get drafted by training with you every summer,” commented Dwayne Wade.

“Hope you’re proud of what you did today because you did something no one in the “NBA” has ever done,” stated LeBron James.

Josh and Chris go on to get drafted by the Miami Heat as First round picks. They always look back on the day that brought them here.

“Well we did it” said Chris.

“Yeah and I’m proud because we didn’t give up, not once, even when we were told we can’t do it. Well look at us now,” replied Josh.

“Like in 5th grade when we told coach we wanted to go to the “NBA”, and he said “ I don’t think you boys can do it. You’re not talented enough and your chances are very slim”. Well he was wrong” explained Chris.

Josh still has those shoes in his closet.

“I guess we can co- exist” said Nike.

“I guess so” replied Jordan

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It's a good story.

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