The Girl Of My Dreams

May 20, 2011
By NoelR BRONZE, Concord, California
NoelR BRONZE, Concord, California
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You need to come together like but cheeks and be the sh#*!

Her eyes...Man where do i start? Her eyes are a deep ocean...that even if i couldn't swim, i would surely jump in. Her brunette hair is as soft as a pillow with feathers. Every love song should be about her. She's the dream-girl. Her untouchable swagger or her smile that could cure cancer isn't what makes her like the holy grail or like unicorns. Not even that her heart belongs somewhere in El Dorado...Yeah i know cliche right? But her heart really is made out of gold. You say impossible? Just look at the world she lives in. Then tell me impossible. You could never know how i feel. You have never feasted your eyes on such a lady. But like i was saying none of those things are what makes her unattainable...It is that she only comes to me at night...And it feels like i spend days with her. When in fact shes really gone in a matter of seconds...No matter what, when i come to my full senses which is around the morning, she is gone... And I can not take it! Why does she leave me? I know there's such a simple answer for that, but knowing just depressing. I go through my day worrying about if she'll come tonight. She isn't quite the dependable girl you know. She comes occasionally. And not seeing her those nights are just agonizing. I know what I must do to be with her...forever...The revolver I hold in my hand will be the missing variable in the equation...only then will i be with her forever...

The author's comments:
it was encouraged by my girlfriend and also i created this for my audition monologue.

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