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May 12, 2011
By Divinaskisses SILVER, American Fork, Utah
Divinaskisses SILVER, American Fork, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
1) "The deeper you sink the higher you'll soar" ~unknown
2) "Belive you can fly and no one can hold you down." ~unknown
3) "Flying is learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss." ~unknown

I will never forget when....

I will never forget the first time I met my best friend. It was on the first day of school in Mrs. Sprinkle’s first grade class. I was so excited to finally be out of Kindergarten and to begin learning something useful. The teacher had us play a game to get to know each other and it instantly became known to all who was the class clown, nerdy kid, and the trouble maker. She had us all say our names, our favorite hobby, and what we were looking forward to most this year. When it got to me I said my name, pink, and that I was most excited to learn where Princesses come from so that I can live there one day. When it got to James (my future best friend) he said his name, that he hated all colors and believes everyone would be better off blind, and instead of answering what he was most looking forward to he blew a spit ball into my curls. From then on we were the best of enemies and we tormented each other all through elementary school and parts of junior high until we decided we could cause more trouble together than out on our own and became official partners in crime.

School makes me feel…

School makes me feel hungry. I have no idea why but whenever I walk into a school before, during, or after its in session I instantly feel as if no amount of food in the world could fill me. In the nine years I have been enrolled and attending school I have contemplated the origin of this insane irrational hunger but I can’t think of any reason for my unsatisfiable appetite.

I love to…

I love to spend whole days doing absolutely nothing. It’s an amazingly rare moment when one can slouch down on the couch without out putting off homework, chores, or some other boring important thing you don’t want to do. I think if the whole world had days like these everyone would be happier… Or at least I would, and that’s all that matters.

The best day ever…

The best day ever is an amazing day that hasn’t happened yet, but I think it will go something like this. I’ll wake up in the middle of the afternoon and realize that I have slept in. I’ll start getting ready to go to school when I realize it’s an early out day and that it would be pointless for me to leave for school now. So I’ll get back in my pajamas and go watch a movie. By the middle of the movie I’ll have fallen asleep and then I’ll get e message from one of my friends. We’ll text back and forth for a while and then decide to go to the mall together with a couple other friends that are also ditching. Then while we’re at the mall we’ll meet a bunch of cute guys, flirt with hem shamelessly, and then leave without giving them our numbers. When I get home the school will have somehow forgotten to call my mom and she’ll never know I was playing hooky. That would be a perfect day.

Living in Utah…

Living in Utah is one of the worst aspects of my life. I think about it often. I try not to, but then the weather reminds me of how much I would rather be tanning on a beach somewhere far away where palm trees sway and snow is referred to as a myth.

The author's comments:
Five paragraphs I had to write for my English class.

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