elephant and ant

May 23, 2011
By Anonymous

Long long ago, an elephant lived in the forest, and his best friend was an ant. Although they were friends, they always argued with each other.

The elephant always thought he was the strongest, and greatest thing in the world. And he always laughed at the ant,“ Look at you, you are too little to be seen, I can’t find you. Now, look at me, I am the strongest thing in the world, I am biggest, and I can beat anything.”The ant always kept silent and smiled.

The elephant still over and over his sentences every day, but the ant still smiled every day. They looked opposite to each other but matched to each other. The life was just like that for so many years. Every morning, the elephant went to find fruit and the ant went to find honey. At the noon, they would share the things they got to each other, this was there happiest time in all day. After the lunch, the ant always lied on the elephant’s back, they watched the view and talked about their dreams. The elephant’s dream was go to the city, and play with people, but the ant’s dream was to find honey every day. So, the elephant always laughed at the ant’s dream, said:” What a silly dream you have? Look at my dream, it is powerful and great!” The ant still didn’t argue with the elephant, he still kept his silence and smiling. The time goes fast, the day ends fast. Every night, the ant slept on the elephant, to him, it was the safest place to sleep. In there world, everyday was same, never had been changed. During the spring, they liked chasing the butterflies together; during the summer, they liked playing with water; during the autumn, they liked enjoying the beauty of maple leaves; during the winter, they liked rambling on the land. They enjoyed their life, and still longed the new life.

But one day, something broke this kind of peaceful life. A bunch of people came to the forest, the purpose of them was the teeth of elephants. The first day, they took a lot of other elephants, but because of the ant stayed on the top of the tree, and posted sentries for the elephant, the elephant was survived on the first day. But, humans are strong, they are smart, they can do anything they want, they began find they elephant from all the ways. Even if the ant told the elephant the people came, he still had no way to avoid them. So unfortunately, the elephant was caught by the people. The ant was very worried about his friend, even if his friend always made joke on him and laughed at him, but in his heart, the elephant was the most important friend forever. So he made up his mind, he was bound to save his best friend out of the plight. He found that people only used a string to tied the elephant, so he collected all of his ants family went there. They snaped the string all the night, finally, when the sun raised, the string was broken, they elephant escaped from the from that dangerous place.

After that day, the elephant has never laughed at the ant, he realized that we can’t look down at anyone, everyone has their own advantages and shortcomings, we can get together, and make up them perfect.

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