May 21, 2011
By Anonymous


Fences exist all over the world. If you observe and pay attention to what is happening in your everyday life, you will be aware of these fences. No, it doesn’t have to be a visible fence that we can see with our own eyes. The fences I am referring to are boundaries, choices and decisions that we will face. People we meet or are around everyday can be a “fence” in our life that could be wrong for us. In life, we hope that we don’t have to face those. It can be hard at times to make the correct decision to face or cross that “fence”. The ones that are visible with our eyes, we know that trouble could be on the other side or that it’s there for privacy of others. I believe that is the easiest one to avoid. However, “boundary fences” or “spiritual fences” are the ones that can cause the most temptation and have terrible outcomes if we cross them. We will encounter them at some point in our life because we are human and make mistakes.

I am around people everyday at school and other places. I think to myself, “I don’t want to be like that person or want them near me.” I feel this way because I know, it is a “fence” I don’t need to cross. In a spiritual way, maybe I should try to cross the “fence” to try to tell them about Jesus and how to have eternal life. I avoid a lot of these people that I refer to as “fences” because I know that being around them could get me in trouble. I try to surround myself with people on the good side of the “fence”. Hopefully, we all will make good “fences” in our life, separating us from the ones that will rub off on us in a bad way or maybe just to keep us safe. When facing

the ones that we have to question, we need to think before “crossing” that certain “fence”. These are the ones we need to try to remember what we know is right morally, what we know to be right and wrong and the consequences that will happen to us if we make the choice to “cross” the “fence”. The best way to make that decision is to always remember think to ourselves, “What would Jesus Do?” We can’t make the wrong choice if we do that.

Our parents might create “fences” to block you from bad things, wrong decisions or to protect us. We should listen to our parents. Just remember, they are only trying to help us and protect us. We should create our own “spiritual fence“, keeping Jesus in our heart and mind at all times. If we will try to live like He wants us to, we will hopefully make better choices about the “fences“ in our life.
If we see someone who seems to be all alone in their own little “fence“, we should try to “break“ it and be a friend or spiritual leader to them. We never know what our friends and other people in our life are going through.

Just remember, there are “fences“ everyday creating boundaries for us. It is our choice to decide if we are going to “cross“ it or not., Good and bad, separating all of us. You have to know which “fence“ to jump and which “fence” to just leave alone.

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