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May 19, 2011
By HoneyBeeMelissa BRONZE, Saint Cloud, Florida
HoneyBeeMelissa BRONZE, Saint Cloud, Florida
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Chapter 1
She ran to catch up with the head oracle, before he went to the city. For various reasons she wasn’t allowed to leave the compound. If she couldn’t tell him what she saw; it might be too late. She prayed she would make it in time. She was getting tired, but she had to proceed if not, many lives would be endanger.
Her only hope was to pray she would make it. She burst through the second gates ‘till the outside world. The front gate was dead ahead, only a couple more feet until, she was clear. Maro, the second in command head of the Ori came through the gates.
“Whoa there Alpena, where do you think you’re going?”
“Is Master Talon, still here?” she huffed
“No, now get back to your studies.”
“You need to bring him back; I have an urgent message for him.”
Footsteps and heavy breathing came up behind me. I almost forget Luke was chasing after me.
“Sorry Alpena, but I can’t bring him back here; it will have to wait ‘til he comes back.”
“It will be too late by the time he comes back. The town will have burnt up by then!” Practically yelling.
“Yeah right, you are just a novice, you don’t get premonitions. Go back to your studies.”
I was going to tell him off, but Luke pulled me away before I made a bigger fool of myself. I was so stupid to trust Maro; he hated my guts; why did I ever think that he would believe me?
“Alpena, are you trying to get yourself killed? Maro wouldn’t hesitate to take a kill order at you.”
“That doesn’t change the fact that I saw the town of Elion burn to ashes Luke. Master Talon would have at least heeded my warning.”
“One, you didn’t see what burned down the town; two we aren’t even sure if you actually saw the town of Elion, we were just assuming. Everything is okay. Maybe it was a flashback of an old memory or something.”
I nodded in agreement, but I knew in my gut that I was right, and I was 98% sure that the town was Elion. I would have disobeyed and left the compound, but doing so would mean pending death. Woman star readers weren’t allowed to leave the ‘safety’ of the compound; but we are treated badly, and are thought of as a joke. You are especially thought of less if you are a novice.
Master Talon was the only oracle that actually liked me, and trusted me; especially for him being seventy- six. Madame Ali, taught me my studies, she’s Talon’s second wife. The first was put to death because she tried to poison Master Talon; no one really ever speaks of her.
Madame Ali is the most amazing person in the world. She was the head shah-women of her village. She also found me when I was wondering around. I lost my memory, around the age of five or six. I didn’t remember my name or anything from my past. All I knew was the stars, and that’s all I really cared to know. I could calculate the stars movement and could predict what was to come in the future.

I also was the one who united Madame Ali and Master Talon together. But Madame Ali wouldn’t let me go; she didn’t trust the other oracles. She still taught me even while we came to the compound.
As I entered the eating hall, everyone came from a normal talk to a whisper or a stare. So word got around.
They were calling me curse names, and saying how I always stuck up to Master Talon and how I was trying to be the best. How they couldn’t believe I would go so far to get his attention. As I walked out of the Eating hall, for the people’s sake I hoped I was wrong, but for my honor I hope I was right.
Five days later we got news that Elion was burned to the ground, more than a thousand people died. I predicted right, but I’d hope I was wrong. I felt the weight of a thousand people dead, fall onto my shoulder.

The author's comments:
I was writing this for the literary journal at my school, and they had to decline it.

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lynnlafay said...
on Jun. 1 2011 at 10:15 am
Keep writing!  I want to read the rest!  Awesome!

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