I didn't order dinner with a side of NOISE!"

May 16, 2011
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Ugh. Stupid homework I thought as I opened up my binder. Trig., Science Worksheet, Social Studies report. Then my phone rang.


"Hey Steph. Do you want to go to the Panda Cafe' for dinner tonight? Tori and Vanessa are going too." asked one of my best friends Leah.

"Sure. Let me ask. MOOOOMMMM? Can I go to the Panda Cafe' for dinner tonight with Leah, Vanessa and Tori?"

"Sure honey. Just be back by 8 so you can get your homework done."

"OK, thanks mom. I'm leaving at 6:15."

It was 5:30. I finished my homework, showered and did my hair and makeup. It wasn't a fancy place, I just wanted to look nice. At 6:15, I checked my hair and makeup, said bye to my mom, grabbed my purse and keys, and hopped in my cherry red truck. When I got to the cafe', Leah and Tori were already there, waiting at a booth, looking at menus.

"Hey chickas. Where's Nessaa? Oh wait, let me guess. Late, like always."

They laughed.

"Yep. She should be here around 6:30." said Leah.
I sat down and started looking at a menu. The waitress came over and I asked for a cup for the tea Leah and Tori had ordered and asked for a glass of water. Just then, a very frazzled looking Vanessa came stumbling in.

"Car troubles again, Nessa?" I asked.

"Yep." Vanessa replied.
The waitress came back with my cup and water and asked Vanessa what she wanted to drink.

"A Diet Coke please." Vanessa said.

"OK. I'll go grab that and be back to take your order in a few minutes" replied the waitress.
Just then, the restaurants phone rang.

"Um, yes, we have room for that. OK. Thank you. Goodbye."
Vanessa quickly grabbed a menu and scanned it over. When the waitress came back, we were set to order. We ordered egg rolls and I ordered the dinner special. Leah order a dinner number 6 with a substitute of orange chicken. Vanessa and Tori both ordered dinner number 2s, but Tori got hers with Won Ton soup, and Vanessa got hers with a substitute of barbecue pork.

"Ugh. I am sooo hungry. I said. We talked for a little bit, but then the bell on the door rang. A man came in and said he had called a little bit earlier. He said he was hosting a meeting, and needed a table for 14. Just then, 6 more people walked in. Everyone was wearing suits and dresses. They sat down and began drinking tea. Pretty soon, the rest of the people filtered in. They were talking pretty loud, but I guess there was a lot of people. We continued to talk, waiting hungrily for our food. Our egg rolls arrived and we began eating. All of the sudden, there was a a loud ringing sound.

"Hello?? Hello. Yes we have the stocks and the marketing charts. OK, here let me put it on speaker."

"Some people are so rude." I said to the girls.

"OMG! I know!!!" Leah exclaimed. "The other day, we were at the mall and while we were Christmas shopping in Hallmark, there was this lady walking around and she was practically screaming into her cell phone.
Our food arrived and we began to eat. Then we started talking a little louder too, just so we could hear each other. After we started eating, it seemed as though the argument kept getting louder and louder. We just stopped talking and ate, for it was too loud to hear each other. One by one, all the men stood up, yelling at each other and into their phones. It was so loud in the little restaurant that everyone else there kept looking at the business people and at each other, making faces of annoyance. Table by table, people left the restaurant, some without eating, some while eating. Our ears were ringing by the time we got up from our table. We paid the waitress and began walking out. Leah and Vanessa, being the loud mouths they are, walked over to the table and said, "Will you all just shut up?!!!!!!! You have made everyone leave the restaurant. If you are going to argue, do it somewhere else!!!"

After we walked out, we heard a gunshot. Scared, we ran to our cars and then decided to meet at Ice Cream Bricks, a chain ice cream parlor. After eating ice cream, I headed home. When I walked in the door, I heard, "We are not interested in your stupid Bendaroos!!" click, SLAM."

"Hi Mom."

"Oh, hi honey."

"People and their stupid advertisement calls." Mom said.

"I know! You cannot believe what happened at dinner" I said as I began to tell her what went on at the Panda Cafe' earlier that night.

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