This Is The Room

May 16, 2011
By lilwritergurl23 BRONZE, Hurley, New York
lilwritergurl23 BRONZE, Hurley, New York
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This is the room where you will find what you thought you lost. This is the room where unicorns exist but they ride on you. All reality is nonexistent but fairytales are real. Your pet dinosaur left you a message in this room. He wants you to feed him.
The room knows your secret. Sorry, it just told your pet dinosaur and I. Now he’s sad. This is the room Jonah went to once he was eaten by that big fish. You know it wasn’t actually a whale. Just a REALLY big fish. But, still. He got eaten. And then came to this room.
This is the room with no escape. At least none you would ever find. Your brother called the room’s banana phone. He says he’ll be in town and he wants you to carefully remove him from that bottle over there. Drip, drip, drip. Wait let me turn off the faucet.
Okay, I’m back or did you never leave? Am I hearing something? Oh, the flowers say hi. You know, the ones sitting on your head. This room placed it there. Nice hat.
This is the room Caesar ate his salad in. There’s some lettuce he dropped. Don’t eat it. It might be a bit spoiled. This is the room where the mountains grew in. They also got dressed in their purple and white outfits in this room. Don’t tell anyone but I saw the wallpaper looking.
That reminds me…lamp, you’re fired! Oh, go cry somewhere else! I don’t need you setting on fire in this room again. Where was I? Oh, yeah! This is the room I just fired this lamp in. This is the room where Justin Bieber will die. This is the ax I’m going to use to kill him. Wait, the phone is ringing. Let me get that.
Yes. There is someone here with me. Alright. Yes, I’ll tell them. He wanted you to know there’s animal in trouble and to call your friends the Wonder Pets. He’s asking you because he can’t call him because his phone is dead and he’s busy making funeral arrangements for it. You should call him later and give him your condolences.
This is the room you’re leaving. Wait, don’t go! Please? Don’t make me beg! Oh, okay bye! Oh, hi there. Two visitors in one day? How wonderful! Can I tell you a little about this room?

The author's comments:
This was an english class assignment and the only rules were to be as abstract as possible and to start out with THIS IS THE ROOM

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