The dolls warning

May 15, 2011
By Zenalover BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Zenalover BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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The diamond in the ruff.

It was Sunday afternoon as the family was shopping the mom, dad, Cole the son, and Emily the 6 year old daughter. The dog slept in quite as he woke up to a thump coming from upstairs in Emily's room. The dog went to investigate. As he slowly walked through the hallway, anticipating something or someone would pop out, all there was, was a crayon box that fell from the shelf along with a doll that the dog has never noticed  before. The doll had a sad but warning grin to her face and a bloody scare that ran down it's forehead to it's left eye that looked real, alive, and bleeding. The dog only went back down stairs to fall asleep to only find himself awoken again by a slamming noise that came from the kitchen. The dog walked into the kitchen to see the doll staring as if it needed something but that wasn't the case. Out came a voice that sounded like a crying baby saying " Emily's going to die" it wouldn't stop it just kept going like a broken record "Emily's going to die". Then the doll fell into the sink full of water and floated down and down to the bottom of the sink.
        Later the family were home and Emily ran outside to the pool and slipped. Her head slammed into the concrete that left a bloody scare that ran down her forehead to her left eye and there she went floating down and down to the bottom of the pool.

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