All You Have To Do Is Believe

May 20, 2011
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“Go Stacy go,” shouted Emily as she took the ball away from the other team. Emily’s voice stood out from the crowd, as she cheered Stacy on.

It was a bright and sunny day and they had to drive to Granbury to play soccer. So as they were on the road Stacy could feel the butterflies getting bigger and bigger as they reach the parking lot. “you’ll be fine Stacy don’t worry show them what you got” said her best friend Emily, Before Stacy jumped out of the truck to meet her team mates

As we began to warm up Stacy was stumbling a little and not doing as well, but then she remembered what Emily had told her and made her have more confidence which led her to do a lot better and be a starter in the game. “Beeeeeeeeep” made the sound of the referee’s whistle the game had just begun. Stacy playing left side mid-field, which she was a little nervous about. The ball was passed to her and she did a great job.

The moral is as long as somebody believes in you it allows you to believe in yourself way more than usual.

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