Trill owned a Mill

January 28, 2008
By Billy Donaldson, Maineville, OH

Trill owned a Mill on - Marystone Hill -where he played with his family in glee. Mrs. Trill would wake up - and to her bad luck - find Trill - oh so very quite - still hung from a tree.

Mrs. Trill - with a chill - claimed it must have been Phil to hang Mr. Trill from the tree. Phil had cried out with an angry shout “I do not recall such a thing!”

Phil was found guilty of killing Trill.

While his family stood by and screamed - but me I just laughed, for I had a blast it was not Phil who killed Trill -but me. So here lay still - so very quite still. The way Mr. Trill hung from the tree. Pleased with myself - I just could not help - to giggle and tremble with glee. You think me unwell - How could you tell - this is what Trill had wanted from me!

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