Danny's First Success

May 11, 2011
By Mi-Ish-Awzum GOLD, Beirut, Other
Mi-Ish-Awzum GOLD, Beirut, Other
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There was a boy, named Danny, who dreamt of doing something amazing that would impress the class without messing up. You see, Danny always falls asleep when he’s doing he’s his projects. So every time he presents his projects, something goes wrong. For example, he was trying to make a harmless water gun made out of plastic. As he was making it, he was holding an electric circuit and then fell asleep and dropped it into the open water holder. It doesn’t really make sense that Danny was holding an electric circuit while he was building a water gun. That is something that no one will understand.
Anyways, when he woke up, he closed the water holder (without checking if there was only water there) and attached it to the water gun, not knowing that he was going to mess up bad, really bad. He put the water gun, or should I say electric gun, in his bag and went to school. He put his bag in his locker and pulled out everything he needed, including the electric gun. When he reached class, he just started presenting his project. He wanted to test it on someone to show that it was a harmless, functioning water gun. Only two people raised their hands to volunteer and they were Chris and William, his best friends. They competed on who should be the test subject by seeing who could raise his hand higher. William won by default, since he was the tallest student in the whole grade. William went up to get shot by the water gun, not knowing what was going to happen instead. Danny aimed at William’s chest and pulled the trigger. Instead of a stream of water, a ray of electricity attacked William. As the electricity ran through his body, he began shaking like a leaf then fell to the ground. Danny looked at him then at the class. He shrugged and said, “Oops!” Chris, surprised, said, “Oops? What you mean ‘oops’? You might have killed him!” Danny stared at William for 5 seconds before he said, “I want some Fizzy Bublech!” He took it as a warning to run away, so he slowly backed out of the classroom, and then ran as fast as he can to his house. That was Danny’s First Failure.
When he went home, he opened the water holder to find the electric circuit swimming in the water. After he realized his mistake, he decided to make it a success. He decided to make a completely different-looking gun, so that no one will remember his water gun. He filled the water holder and put the electric circuit in it, while he was awake. He attached the water holder to the gun and put a grin on his face. He slept with thoughts of being cheered on by the class, but it is not a selfish thought, as it was because he has never had the feeling of accomplishment.

It was tomorrow already, but he knew he had everything set. He rushed to school just to get his presentation perfect. When he went to class, he was greeted by a sea of angry, yet slightly surprised, faces. He asked if anyone would volunteer to give him an object to shoot at. Chris volunteered this time, as William was still traumatized from the last time he volunteered. He gave him a paper ball, shrugging as that was the only thing he really didn’t care about. Danny aimed carefully, hoping not to hurt anyone, and shot. A ray of bright electricity was heading towards the paper ball. BAM! The paper ball was pulverized and became a heap of ash. William slowly began clapping, then Chris, and pretty soon, the whole class was clapping. Danny bowed to his loving audience. Mr. Harkins went to Danny and told him he had improved a lot and that he deserved an A+. After the clapping subsided, William asked Danny how he did it. He opened the water holder and revealed the electric circuit inside and the clapping started again, even louder than before. Danny learned from his first mistake and turned it into a success.

The author's comments:
The main character was originally named Bashar, after a guy in my 6th grade class who sometimes fell asleep in class. It is based on when he sleeps in the middle of class.

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