May 19, 2011
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Once upon a time, there was this man named, Major Lazer. Major Lazer wasn’t any ordinary man. He had all of the girls, and all of the money. He is kind of like a role model to all men out there. Well one night after Major Lazer had dropped one of his so called, groupies; he spotted another female and automatically placed her in between his crosshairs. He swerved to the curb, rolled down his window and asked this gorgeous, young lady if she needed a ride anywhere. The first time he asked her he got no reply, but the second time he asked the girl turned and spoke. Major Lazer was thrown off by the girl when she spoke because she spoke with a very deep voice. It wasn’t any ordinary deep voice, but rather a raspy, narrative type of deep voice (kind of like James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman). As soon as the girl spoke Major Lazer didn’t know what to do. Should he drive away quickly or stay there and laugh in her face? He pondered this question for a good three seconds. When those excruciating three seconds were up, Major Lazer busted out in a hysterical laugh, right in that young lady’s face. That lady was so humiliated she ran away into the night. The very next day when Major Lazer woke up in the morning he noticed that his voice wasn’t the same. When he spoke, he had a raspy, narrative type of deep voice (kind of like James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman). When this lady was running away she had actually cast a spell on Major Lazer. And her speaking in that raspy, deep voice was actually her just casting that spell. Major Lazer was cursed until he could treat females with the respect that they deserve. When he could do that the spelled would by reversed.

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