May 19, 2011
By Inanu BRONZE, Big Pine, California
Inanu BRONZE, Big Pine, California
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Lucas smiled when he smelled the batter in the room baking in the oven. He loved the smell, the time, the taste… Cooking and baking were his most favorite things in the world, next to living.

He was always cooking and loving it! He often had friends over, who tasted his food. Never had he gotten a bad review on anything. Everything was always delicious. Always sweet were his sweets, always delicious was his… everything.

Lucas sat in a seat, wiping some flour off on his apron. He was always smothered in something, whether it be flour, chocolate, or some other… substance. It was some… weird thing every single time.

“Ahh… smells good. The chocolate, oh my gosh… delicious,” Lucas said, petting his dog that had walked up. Jane, his dog, was an Australian Shepherd. She was a gorgeous, brown, white, and black covered dog. She had beautiful blue eyes. She had white socks on all of her feet.

She was the nicest dog and only barked at people when they knocked on the door. It was kind of funny when people would enter, because she would cry around and yelp loudly like she was scared, but she was happy, excited.

“Jane, I’m so sad that you can’t eat anything I make. I wish you could; you would love it. I know you would enjoy chocolate, but… it’s not good for you, baby doll,” he said, scratching behind her ears. He smiled, but heard his phone go off.

He rinsed his hands in water, wiping them off on his apron. He proceeded to his phone, a smile on his face. He answered quietly, voice soft like he was.


“Lucas! I actually got a hold of you! I thought you wouldn’t answer,” a girl’s voice said on the other line. He smiled, a bit nervous though. He wasn’t sure who was there, and he was a bit scared why this person had his number… and knew who he was.

“May I ask who I’m speaking to?” he asked nervously. He was a little scared.

“You mean… you don’t know? I thought you read the caller I.D. Well, okay… It’s Anna, you silly goose. We went to school together?” she answered. He was taken back, remembering their times in Middle School and High School.

“Anna? Anna Porter? You mean… The girlfriend I had in our sophomore year?!” Lucas shouted, a bit of excitement in his voice. It was strange, seeing how excited he really was. He moved to sit in the living room, waiting for Kent to get back.

Kent was his roommate, and probably always would be. Kent had striking green eyes and dark brown hair that framed his face slightly with bangs. Lucas smiled at the thought of him. He was hoping to bring up the photography competition coming up. Kent always used him as a model because he looked good, always.

Lucas had blond hair, and blue eyes. His skin was fair and flawless. Kent loved to look at him, Lucas guessed because whenever he looked at him, he would see Kent trying to make it look like he wasn’t staring.

“Um… yeah… is that the only way you remember me? That’s bad,” she replied, voice a bit angered.

“Why? Why is it bad?” he asked, looking at himself in the mirror, seeing the confusion in his face.

“Because that break up was the only one that caused a lot of drama,” she explained. Lucas could remember then, just then. Two of the boys who played football beat the crap out of him, breaking three ribs on the left side and busting his lip and cheek. He went to the hospital, and his parents got restraining orders on the two boys; Joseph and Larson.

“Um… oh, yeah. My gorgeous self was in the hospital, wasn’t it? Because of you and popularity,” he said, flicking a hand through his hair. He laughed, almost making himself cry. He wanted to cry, cry for just a little while. He hated that time; breaking up with her was the hardest thing in the world. She was beautiful and sweet and smart. He regretted hurting her, and himself, but he had noticed something… He wasn’t very-

“Yeah, yeah. I was calling to say I’m sorry. About that… actually,” she admitted, happiness in her voice. Lucas sighed and hung up, nervous to keep talking. He was scared, and probably always would be.

The author's comments:
I wrote this on a prompt, and I felt like posting. :)

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