the soldiers

January 24, 2008
The soldiers wet and bloody their uniforms filled with sand their boots now all muddy but they still keep on the stand. They want to be back home again with their family and friends. But they know deep within in their heart this is were they stand. They try to make a difference they try to make a stand. They fight for all our freedom. They fight for those who can’t and we know that deep within our hearts we’ll all proudly take a stand. For all of those who help us for all of those who care. For those who fight for us here and every were. They don’t do it for the honor they don’t do it for the fame. They do it for there country because they know it’s were they stand. And when we go to sleep at night we should bow our heads and pray because that soldier that you pray for will lie in peace someday. Because they fight for all our freedom, they fight for all that is right, they fight for the red white and blue, they fight with all their might. So stand right up and make a stand. To help our soldiers if we can. Pray and beg with all your might god bring my soldier home tonight.

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