May 9, 2011
In a time plagued with sexism two girls, Alex and Alexis, pushed the limits, to fight for what was right. They lived in a town, that was in dire need a change. The school they attended had strict lines that divided the student body, no one ever crossed a line. Every person in the school stayed in there perspective group, until Alex and Alexis finally had enough.
As soon as their second year of high school began, Alex and Alexis were ready for change. As they walked down the crowded hallways of Lawrence High School, a teacher walking in the door, allowed a huge gust of wind to blow through the hallway. The girls tried holding their hair down, but it didn’t work. As the door shut, the wind stopped, Alex looked down at her feet and found a flyer. She picked it up and read Football try-outs today right after school. “Alexis do you think we should go?”
“Go where Alex?” Alex quickly handed over the flyer, and Alexis read it as fast as she could. “I don’t know, but I guess we could.”
“We’ve been looking for a change, this is change.”
“Alright, we’ll go.” Alex let her face give away her excitement, while Alexis kept everything inside.
Later that afternoon, school only had five minutes left, and both girls couldn’t sit still. There nerves were on end with anticipation of what would happen this afternoon. They heard the clock tik slowly counting down every second, until finally the bell rang. Now their stomachs twisted themselves, intensifying how nervous they felt. They quickly made their way to the girls locker room, to change there clothes.
It wasn’t long before they were outside on the football field with at least 60 guys. As they continued to approach the crowd, they could hear murmurs thought the entire crowd. When they had reached the group, one guy stepped out and said, “You do realize where your at right? Cheer and Pom are in the gym.”
“Who are you?” Alexis asked.
Alex furrowed her eyebrows, “We realize were we are, we’re here to try-out just like you. So who do you think you are, talking to us like that.
“Your both girls you could never make the team.”
“I never said we would make the team, I said we were here to try-out. I know you probably have us beat, because we aren’t stupid enough the make the team, you pig headed freak.”
Before Chris, had time to argue, two sophomores stepped out. The taller one said, “Chris, it’s not worth arguing, just let them try-out, it wont hurt anything.” Then the boys looked at Alex and Alexis. “Are you two sure you want to go through with this?”
Alexis looked at the taller boy, “If we weren’t sure, we wouldn’t have come here.”
“Ok. Do you want us to take you over to the coach?”
“Sure.” With that, the boys escorted the girls over to Coach Hamilton.
Try-outs lasted for almost four hours. Both of the girls pushed themselves, as far as they could, exceeding the guys at some points. Coach Hamilton noticed this, and could see the anger on Chris, Austin and Darrin’s faces. The two sophomores stayed with the girls, trying to prevent Chris or is air brained friends from verbally attacking them again.
When try-outs began to wrap up, Alex caught her breath and asked, “You know Alexis and I really want to know what your names are, cause we feel really weird not knowing.”
The shorter of the two said, “I’m Wyatt and he’s Jake.”
Alexis pulled out her phone and said, “Alex we have to go.”
As the girls began to walk away, Jake grabbed Alexis’ arm and said, “Do you guys need a ride?”
“Sure. We’ll wait for you guys on the stone benches, when your ready.”
While Wyatt and Jake were at there lockers, changing, Chris and his two friends, surrounded them. “What is wrong with you two? Those girls Cant be welcomed into this group.”
Jake stood up, “Why not?”
“They don’t belong. There place is on the sidelines, in short skirts cheering for us.”
“We were just being nice.”
At that moment, Chris had been pushed to far, he grabbed Jake and through him to the ground and began punching him. Jake tried punching back, but Chris had his arms pinned. His friends, Darrin and Austin, grabbed Wyatt and started beating him. It wasn’t long before the three boys gave up and left. Wyatt and Jake slowly got up, got dressed and left the locker room.
Alex and Alexis sat outside, after changing back into their clothes, Waiting for the boys to return, wandering if they should have walked instead. A few more minutes pasted and, when Alex noticed Wyatt and Jake coming out of the locker room. Alex tapped Alexis on the side of her leg and said, “ Alexis, they’re here.” Alexis looked up and then quickly put on her backpack to follow Alex.
When they reached the boys, Alex and Alexis were horrified to see the bruises and cuts on there faces. “What happened to you guys?” Alex asked, genuinely worried about the boys.
“It’s nothing.” Wyatt replied, as he began walking away.
Alexis looked up at Jake and said, “Please tell us what happened.”
Jake sighed, “It was Chris and his stupid friends. They really didn’t like us helping you guys.”
Alex looked back at Wyatt, who was almost half way across the parking lot. “Alexis, I’ll see you later,” she said, as she turned to catch up to Wyatt. As Wyatt reached his truck, so did Alex. “Wyatt I’m sorry.”
Wyatt turned around and looked at her, “Why are you sorry. You’re not the one, that hit me.”
“I know, but it was my idea to try-out. I’m sorry.”
“It’s not your fault, Chris is the one who did this…Are you ready to leave?”
“I don’t know.”
“What do you mean?” Wyatt asked, confused.
“I want to leave, but I don’t want to go home yet.”
“Do you want to stay with me?”
“Can I?”
“If you want to.” Wyatt answered. Alex smiled, as they both go into the truck.
A week later, the girls were sitting in the boys locker room with Wyatt and Jake. Today they would find out, who was on the team and who was going to have a lot of free time. As Alex and Alexis sat there, they wouldn’t be back for any practice.
As Coach Hamilton, came out of his office, and into the locker room, he said, “Alright, I’m going to get on with everything. If I call your name, you did not make the team. If I don’t call your name, go get a number and go outside for practice.”
The list he read wasn’t long, but for everyone that did have a name called, it went on for ever. Once he had finished his list he said, “Now, for the people remaining, don’t get comfortable, I still have a few cuts. Chris, Darrin, Austin I would like to see all of you right in front of me now.” The three boy quickly got up and stood in front of the coach. “Do you boys believe its ok to verbally and physically abuse anyone?”
The boys shook there heads “no”.
“Then why have you been?”
The boys looked around confused.
“I know you all wanted to be on the team, but I cant allow you on the team after everything that happened, at and after try-outs.”
Then Chris said, “You’re cutting us from the team?” anger evident in his tone.
“Yes. Verbal and physical abuse is serious, I could have had you suspended, but I didn’t. Now if you would like to finish discussing this.” With that the boys followed the coach into his office.
The girls watched, surprised that they were still on the team. As they started drifting off, into there own little worlds they were forced back, by Chris yelling, “You would rather have girls on your team, than us?”
“Boys they, didn’t break any school rules. And if we have to keep this argument up, I’m turning in all of you to the principal.”
The girls, slowly stood up, stunned that they were now the first girls to actually make the Lawrence High football team.
There first game of the season, was going to be there toughest game. It was against the schools cross town rivals, the Free-state Firebirds. The girls sat in the head coaches office at half time, freaking out. There team was behind by three touchdowns, this was there first game and they had to prove, to them selves and the school, that they belonged on the team.
When the team returned to the field, they all played stronger than ever. By the end of the third quarter, they were only behind by one touchdown. As the fourth quarter began, the firebirds started to really fight back, just to stay ahead.
The final seconds of the game, seemed like the hours. The lions quickly took the field, and lined up. Alexis, who had been moved to Quarterback, took the snap. They were forty-seven yards from the end zone, and Alex quickly and, with out drawing much attention, made her way down the field. Alexis looked for any of her team members that were open, and she found Alex five yards from the end zone. Alexis through the football, time seemed to almost stop as she waited to see if Alex would catch the ball. Alex quickly cut around the defender, that was right behind her, and jumped, catching the football, to tie the game. They quickly set up for a two point conversion and scored again.
The game was finally over and they had won. There team rushed the field, along with the student population that had attended, and celebrated the victory.

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