Silent Torture

May 9, 2011
By DreDre42 BRONZE, Grain Valley, Missouri
DreDre42 BRONZE, Grain Valley, Missouri
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If I were stuck in an elevator with someone I hate I would probably be quiet the entire time. Now some people might say it's because I'm trying to be the bigger person and ignore them so there's no conflict...Please, If I have a chance to spend hours on a elevator with an enemy of mine, I'm going to make it the worst hours of his life. Silence to me is the best way to get to people simply because the person (not saying any names) that I hate talks far to much so for him to be in a room with another human being and not talking is nothing but pure torture. Also I'd probably not even gone look at him, now to most people they would think, OK who cares if you look at them. In reality giving another human being no contact for several hours at a time is the same as being thrown in isolation at a maximum security prison. This becomes amplified when you throw in your actually not alone,but the person the person across from you hates you so much he'd rather be isolated than give you give you any kind of attention or human contact at all. By the time the elevator opens he will have probably gone crazy which to me wouldn't matter because that how much I don't like this person that much. So the moral of this story is if I don't like you don't get in a elevator with me.

The author's comments:
My teacher asked me if I had a chance to be stuck in a elevator with my worst enemy what would I do?

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