The Well

May 6, 2011
By , webster city, IA
It was a beautiful summer day. There were birds chirping on green grass. The sun was high and temperatures were pushing 80’s. Amanda was a teenager who thought she was in love. She was a little chubby and had long blonde hair. She always smelled like vanilla and had a smile on her face, except for when Taylor was around. Taylor is Amanda’s step-sister. She also has blonde hair but it only brushes her shoulders. She is short and built. Amanda and Taylor don’t get along at all. Their parents got married 2 years ago and they haven’t liked each other since. But Amanda has one thing that Taylor doesn’t, and that thing is garret.

Garret is what Amanda fantasizes about. He has thick black hair, and the way his skin glows in the sun makes her crazy. His is in all sorts of sports so he has a fit and lean body. But he too thinks about Amanda.

Amanda and Garret were hanging out on this fine day until Taylor came along and began to yell at Amanda for leaving a mess in the house and Taylor had to pick it up. They yelled back and forth. Taylor, trying to prove Amanda wrong. And Amanda trying to defend herself that it wasn’t her. Garret watched in shock. How the feeling can go from so happy to so mad that fast. So he just helplessly had to sit there to watch and listen to the fight in front of him.

After about 5 minutes of two teenage girls screaming Taylor gave up and said “Whatever!” while storming out of the room and slamming the door behind her. Amanda turned and looked at Garret, who seemed a little shaken up.

“I’m sorry!” she said “she just gets on my nerves and then i get mad and just go off.” Garret laughed a little.

“Its fine!” he reassured her “I understand! I have a big sister and a younger brother. Trust me; I know what it’s like to be annoyed.”

They both begin to laugh, and now this makes Garret happy because he succeeded in making her happy again. But that happy moment will have ended soon because when Taylor bust back though the door and gave a death glare at Amanda. Amanda jumped around and her ear to ear smile turned into a scornful frown. She looks back at Garret and says “Garret I think it’s time for you to go.” He nodded and they got up and went to the door. When she returned Taylor was there with a highly disappointed look on her face.

“What?” Amanda snapped at her.

“Why do you always bring him over here? Why don’t you ever go over there and get away from me?’

“Because that would be doing you a favor. I don’t want to do that now do i?” Taylor couldn’t take any more. She gave Amanda a huge shove knocking her to the floor. Amanda got up and started to chase Taylor out the door. Taylor led her to the old well in the back yard. Once Amanda was there Taylor turned around to build up some momentum to take down the chubby blonde girl. And with a big push down she went.

Amanda let out a blood curdling scream that echoed through the well and out of the top where Taylor was standing over looking down at the falling girl. Suddenly she stopped. Amanda looked up to see Taylor looking back down at her, both of them in shock.

“What did you do?!” Amanda demanded.

“I-I-I don’t know?” Taylor responded nervously.

“You pushed me down the well! Why would you do that?!”

“I don’t know! I was just mad and…and...I’m sorry!”

“It’s a little late for that don’t you think?”

“Yeah…but why didn’t you hit the bottom of the well? I mean I’m glad you didn’t but the well is deeper than that.”

“I’m not sure...i think I’m...stuck? There’s no way though!” just then they both realize what is going on and Taylor has to turn around to hide her laugh. “This is not funny!”

“No, no. You’re right, it’s not.” Taylor had trouble getting it all out without laughing. “It’s hilarious!”

“When I get out of here, you are so dead!”

“Well what if I don’t help you out?”

“You have to! You threw me down here, now you have to get me out!”

“Nope. I got rid of you and I’m not going to take you back.” Taylor looks up from the well and walks quickly away from the well where she pushed her sister down.

“Help!” echoed though the top of the well for hours. But every time there was no response. Amanda was worried now.

Once their parents got home they wondered where Amanda went. Taylor, sitting at home for hours by herself thinking of an excuse, told her parents that Amanda had went to stay the night with garret. Unfortunately for Amanda, they believed it.

Night time came and Amanda was sill trapped. She couldn’t see a thing but that didn’t matter to her right now. All she wanted to do was get out of this slimy, mossy, dungeon. And maybe something to eat. But more than anything she wanted Garret to come to her rescue.
“I call him every night. So he should be wondering what happened. Yeah. He’ll be here. He’s probably on his way now.” She barely got all of the words out before she dozed off into a deep sleep, but it wasn’t a pleasant one. All night she wiggled and wobbled.

Ding Dong! The doorbell rang the next morning. Amanda’s mom answered the giant oak door to find garret behind it with a worried look on his face. Once her eyes meet his she became confused to what is going on.

“Garret! What’s going on? Did something happen?” she didn’t give him any time to answer.

“Have you seen Amanda?” he asked calmly

“I thought she was with you?”

“Who told you that?” his face turning to complete shock.

“Taylor did. She said that Amanda stayed the night at your house.”

“Well she lied” he tried to defend himself. “When I left yesterday they were fighting. It seemed like it was a pretty serious fight too.”

“Oh…hold on please.” She turned around into the house and gave yelled so loud that it shook the whole neighborhood. Garret even jumped at the sudden noise. “TAYLOR!”

Upstairs Taylor was in her room. When she heard her name her face went beat red and she began to sweat. “The must have found her” she thought to herself. She nervously inched out of her room towards the stairs. When she reached the top step she held onto the oak railing and looked down at the last step. “Yeah?” she responded with a yell.

“Come here for a second.” Her step mom replied. Cautiously she headed for the last step she was staring at and out onto the entrance where she was being summoned to.

“Yeah?” she asked quietly.

“Have you seen Amanda?” once her mom said this she gave a piercing look towards Garret.

“Yeah…she started to chase me and I ran outside and I didn’t know what to do so I shoved her and she got stuck in the well.” She got it out so fast that it took Garret and her step mom a minute to understand.

“WHAT?” they both yelled simultaneously as they look at Taylor in disbelief.

“Well we have to get her!” Garret yelled, breaking the silence and running towards the well with Taylor and her mom behind him trying to keep up. Garret was the first one there. Panting and out of breath he looked down into the well and shouted “Amanda!” but all he heard was his own echo when the two women ran into the well to stop themselves, also panting and out of breath.

“She’s not in there!” Garret cried out in horror. All eyes were on Taylor as she started to feel the heat.

To Be Continued…

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