Heavan and Hell

May 19, 2011
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Ever since first man, he has been here. Whispering thoughts and evil things into his ear. He goes by many names, but by large consensus he has been named Satan. He spends his every waking moment spreading his corrupt taint into this world. Haunting the unfortunate and plaguing the damned. Life as the world's most vile creature in the universe isn't easy Killing, maiming, cursing, possessing, and the rest of the usual evil puts a toll on a daemon. Especially when the human will isn't utterly crushed and turning to Jesus for help.
He usually reigns over his victims with ease except for occasional turbulent priest or his arch rival... Jesus. His many attempts to steal Jesus's followers have often failed. But with in the recent days his plot to ruin this world entirely is almost to be realized. His very own spawn is ready to complete the prophecies needed to begin the Apocalypse. His own son shall be the be the anti-Christ, but till then he shall what for the perfect time to strike.
His minions grow in numbers and strength with every moment. The pitch black depths of hell beacons for more souls to fill its endless void. As more and more people turn away from the light, the light is slowly dimming to swarming darkness. However, the everlasting light of Jesus will remain a beacon for the hopeless. Until He is removed, Satan has no hope of reigning this world. Until he can remove the snakes head or the entire snake itself, he shall sit upon his throne of the damned... pondering.

Jesus spends most of his day performing miracles, purging the world of sin, and saving kittens from trees for the elderly. He puts fires out in nursing homes, walks on water, and produces a feast from only a few pieces of food. He enjoys long walks on the beach and ruining the plots of Beelzebub, Baal, and the other false idols. The live of Jesus is filled with plenty of adoring fans and faithful disciples for the most part. When disregarding all of his amazing, holy, God powers he is just like the rest of use. The holy works of heaven is a nice place to live, but Jesus prefers to do the dirty work on earth. Until He decides when the time is ripe for Jesus's second coming, Jesus is perfectly fine chilling with is peers in Heaven and working personal miracles for the faithful. However, The world is full of chaos. Uprisings in the middle east, nuclear weapons, natural disasters are rampant, and sin is never higher. Everything is pointing to the end. The breaking point is almost at the burst for the world. Everyone is looking for a leader, and Satan realizes this. The four horse man start preparing their steads and the seven seals grow more and more apparent. And it is all about to be blown overboard with one simple game of a friendly game of poker.

Satan knowing the time to strike is now sends a invite to Jesus, asking for his participation in a friendly game of high stakes poker with a group of friends. Friendly poker games between Jesus and Satan is no new thing, but Jesus knows that the Devil means business when he calls for high stakes. Jesus knows this is a trap, but the chances to bankrupt the Devil's evil soul bank so he accepts. There are many entrance to Hell, but Jesus decides to take the scenic route through Huntley Project. Shortly after arriving Jesus quickly knows the many familiar faces. He sees that only 4 people in the world could afford these high stakes, him being one, Satan (of course), the master ninja from the local area, and his familiar friend Mitch Baker. The ninja prefers to have his identity hidden and he has only been spotted in public in the area around the Columbus High School. All of the gamblers have brought their souls they have accumulated over the course of their lives, with Jesus and Satan of course having the most. The ninja was quick to lose the souls he has captured at CHS with his ninja powers. But the final winner was unexpectedly Mitch Baker. Neither Jesus or Satan saw the straight royal flush coming.

One may be asking what a massive collection of souls be good for. Well, everyone knows that souls can be used as a valuable form of labor. Without souls, neither Jesus or Satan can engage in a holy war or start the Apocalypse. With the massive labor, Mitch was quickly able to rise to great power, acquiring immortality and the power of the world behind him. The world slowly starts to die down and peace starts to form with the leadership from the dictator Mitch. But more power gaps start to form in between societies and even between Mitch, Jesus, and Satan. Wither they like it or not, Jesus and Satan will have to team up or accept the terms to this new tyrant.

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