Friends for Never

April 6, 2008
One day Suzy was hanging out with her friends in the hallway before class started. Then she noticed all the popular girls were standing sort of by them so she waved to one of them and surprisingly she waved back. Suzy was pretty much the opposite of popular so this really hit her and her friends as some kind of joke.

Later that day Suzy realized that maybe it wasn’t a joke after all. The girl she had waved to that morning asked her if she would like to sit at the popular table at lunch for the day. Of course Suzy said yes in a heartbeat because it might make her cool even if it was only for one day. So when she told her friends they all thought it was great and Suzy promised them that if she became popular she would still be friends with them.

So at lunch Suzy and her friends parted when she saw the girl that had invited her to sit with them standing up and waving her over to where they were. Her friends didn’t think much of it because they basically thought it would be a one time thing. When Suzy got over to the table, she asked the girl what her name was, and she said Amanda. After they all had their food and were seated they started talking. Suzy wasn’t really sure why they were saying all the things that they were because they sounded so untrue. So she asked Amanda, and she said they were just gossiping like they always do and then gave Suzy a weird look.

As the conversation went on Suzy realized that they were talking about her friends and they started asking questions about them and making rude remarks about how weird they were. Suzy just ignored it and thought it would go away shortly and sure enough it did. To her amazement, the lunch period was over and all the girls got up and walked out of the cafeteria like they didn’t even know Suzy. Amanda didn’t even say bye to her.

When she explained everything to her friends about how the popular girls were making fun of them, they all just laughed because they didn’t really care. It became more of a deal after time went on though, because Suzy started sitting with the popular girls every day. When she would go back to her regular group of friends, she would even start to gossip with them but they would just ignore it.

Weeks went by and there wasn’t one day that Suzy sat with her friends, she always sat with the popular girls because those were her new friends, but Suzy still thought she was good friends with the other girls even though she ignored them a lot because she didn’t really notice it. But they defiantly did, and one day they told her that. They said that they were sick of Suzy ignoring them when she was with the popular girls but then acting like everything was just normal when her “new friends” weren’t around.

Suzy was very surprised at this, because she thought they were actually mad at her which they were. So then she just completely ignored them the rest of the day. The next day at lunch, she even started to gossip about them and she started some very hurtful and untrue rumors. They were spread very quickly because everything that the popular girls said was believed by the rest of the students in the school.

So Suzy’s old friends found out about them too and then they decided that they would never talk to her again. Suzy didn’t care though because now she was one of the popular girls and she didn’t need them anymore. Later that day the popular girls came up to Suzy and Amanda was at the front of the group, tears streaming down her face. One of the girls started yelling at Suzy because one of her old friends told Amanda that Suzy thought she was stuck up and mean before she started hanging out with them. Then they walked away but Amanda turned around, only to say that Suzy should never talk to them or hang out with them ever again.

So as she was standing there in the middle of the hallway all alone, she remembered back to the day when this all started. She thought to herself, so this all started with just a friendly wave? And then she remembered the promise she made to her old friends and she had totally forgot about it up until that point. She felt so bad and desperate for friends that she started running to go find them.

When she did find them, she apologized and they accepted her apology but they told her that they didn’t want to hang out with her anymore. Then they reminded her of all those mean things she said about them, and one of them said that this shouldn’t be such a big deal to her if she thought those mean things about them. With that, they turned and walked away, and once again Suzy was standing all alone with no where to go, no where to fit in, all because she waved to Amanda. Suzy felt tears swelling in her eyes, and she then made a promise to herself that she would never treat anyone, especially her friends, like that again. But in order to do that, she had to find new people to trust her and become her friend.

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