The Day It All Changed

May 6, 2011
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March 19th 2009
“Ready? One, two, three, four.” Cassie bellowed as the stereo played their music. The well-dressed preppy girl is a 16 year old junior at Hammount High School. She is an amazing cheerleader and is captain of cheerleaderding squad. Cassie is a very preppy girl; she has bleach blonde hair, gorgeous green eyes and an hour glass body. She owns everything name brand, if it wasn’t name brand she wouldn’t be caught dead in it! Everyone who wasn’t in her social class hated her.

The cheer squad was outside Thursday night after school practicing for the biggest event of the year, the National cheer squad competition. The girls have been dreaming about this weekend all year long. During the nations cheer squad competition the girls spend a weekend in Chicago showing top notch judges how well they are and if they win nations they get named 2009 Nationals best cheer squad and $10,000 for their school. The squad had recently got 2 new girls that knew what they were doing but didn’t have the routine together yet. Cassie had them do it one more time when she heard the bumping of rap music from behind her. She turned around to see her boyfriend Dylan and his football buddies getting out of Dylan’s new Hummer he got for his 18th birthday a month ago. Dylan was a very handsome man, he had dirty blonde hair, bright baby blue eyes and he peered over everyone standing about 6”2. His parents were rich and gave him everything he wanted. Dylan and Cassie have been together for 3 years. They have been together through thick and thin and still are together.

Dylan came up behind Cassie, gave her a hug and sat down in the green grass while she finished coaching the girls. When she was done he asked her if she wanted to go get some ice cream or something to eat. “I’ll just get some ice cream babe I’m not really hungry from lunch” Cassie told Dylan. By the time they got all the stuff on the field cleaned up and scheduled their next practice it was already 8:00. They drove down to the ice cream shop. Cassie loved the Butterfinger Blizzard and Dylan loved the Oreo Blizzard. After they were done eating their ice cream Cassie’s parents called and told her she needed to get home that it was getting late. Dylan drove her home, went to his house and did his homework which consisted of copying Ashley Daniel’s math homework because Dylan absolutely hated math.
Dylan and Cassie both get up the next morning and get ready for school. Dylan picked her up like usual because Cassie hated driving to school in her brand new car. When they got to school they walked up to their group of friends. “Hey what’s up?!” Michael said. Michael was one of Dylan’s good friends. He told us about the party that was going on at his house while his parents were in Las Vegas. Dylan said that he would stop over when he got a chance. The day progressed and before the day was up all the students heard about the party and thought they were all going.
The bell rang to release school and everyone darted out of the doors like it was the last day of school. Cassie went home and changed into her cheerleading clothes and grabbed a little snack to eat on the go and then headed back to the school for practice. Dylan went to football practice like usual. Cassie had a bad gut feeling about something but didn’t quite know what. Dylan came up to Cassie and said he was going to go home and shower to get ready for the party that started at 8:00. Cassie had to be home because she knew her parents wouldn’t let her go to a party without parent supervision. She told Dylan just to text her later and got back to practice. When practice was over Dana and Cassie went and grabbed Mocha Moolates from Dairy Queen. They sat and talked for a little bit about girl stuff then decided it was time for both of them to go home. When Cassie got to her car she checked her phone quick before she left. She had 4 new messages two of them were from Rachel asking stuff about practice and the other two were from Dylan saying he was heading to the party and that he loved her. She texted him back “Okay talk to you soon love you too”. She went home and curled up in her bed and feel asleep. She got another text from Dylan about 2:30 saying “babe im just headin home now….. I will call you in the mornin when I get up n around… Love you :)” She text him back “okay babe love you too :)” and went back to sleep.
3:30 A.M rolled around and her phone started blowing up with calls from everyone. Her best friend Dana had left a voicemail.

Cassie, honey you need to answer your phone. Dylan has been in a horrible accident and I need you to go to the hospital and make sure everything is okay. Last I knew his parents wanted you to come to the hospital and talk to them. Girl please answer your phone the next time I call back or call me back as soon as you get this. Oh my god this is horrible….. CLICK…..
A million things were running through Cassie’s head. “Oh my gosh is Dylan okay?” “Is Dylan dead?” Cassie immediately called Dana back and only to find out the worst news every. Dylan had crashed while he was driving home and died. Cassie couldn’t believe this. She immediately got in her car and drove to the hospital. When she got their Dylan’s parents ran up to her and hugged her until her face turned purple. Dylan’s mom Michelle said that Cassie could go down to the morgue and see Dylan before they did anything to him. Cassie decided to go just to say good-bye even though she knew this would kill her inside. She made Dylan’s parents stay out of the room where Dylan’s body was laying on a ice cold metal bed. She went into the room and the tears just started rolling down her face. She couldn’t stop crying and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She leaned down held his hand and gave him a kiss on the forehead like he always would do to her. She walked out of the room and knew this was only the beginning of a horrible new life.

May 23rd 2009 (2 months later)

Cassie was doing okay but not the greatest. She missed Dylan like crazy and visited his grave every day. She hadn’t been feeling good lately and had missed her period the last two months. She decided to go to Wal-Mart and get a pregnancy test. When she and Dana got back from Wal-Mart they went into the bathroom and Cassie went to the bathroom on the stick and handed it to Dana. They waited about 3 minutes to check it and from the look on Dana’s face Cassie knew exactly what it said. “Honey it says PREGNANT” Dana told Cassie as if she hadn’t already known from the look on her face! Cassie slid down the bathroom wall and hit the floor crying. She couldn’t believe what she was going through. She didn’t know how she was going to be a single parent and do everything by herself. She didn’t want to tell anyone yet besides her best friend that already knew. She didn’t know how she was going to break it to her parents let alone Dylan’s parents.

The next day she scheduled an appointment at the free pregnancy center because it was confidential and she knew they couldn’t tell her parents. When she got to the pregnancy center she had to fill out a million pieces of paper about everything to do with pregnancy and the other options to take from being a single, teenage parent. She couldn’t believe all the options there were and knew she couldn’t do half of them. When the nurse called her into the room she took all her vitals and asked how far along she thought she was. “I think I am about 2 months pregnant because I haven’t received my period in the last two months” Cassie told the nurse. The nurse jotted down the information in her chart and said that Doctor Melissa would be in the room in a little while. When Melissa got into the room she examined Cassie and told her that from as much as she could tell she was about 3 months pregnant. Cassie thought to herself and sure enough that’s the exact day it all happened. Melissa told her she needed to make another appointment in about a month to make sure the baby is doing okay and to see what the sex of the baby is. Cassie walked out of the room with her hand on her tummy and was kind of excited that she had a little Dylan growing in her. She knew that was the only thing she had left from Dylan and it was kind of weird of God to be doing this she thought. She made the appointment for her ultrasound and everything and walked out to her car. She called Dana and told her when her next appointment was and that she wanted Dana to go with her. Dana agreed to go with her. Now the hard part, how was Cassie going to tell her mother and Dylan’s parents that she was pregnant.
July 28th 2009 (2 months later)

Cassie is 5 months pregnant now. She knew she had to sit down and talk to her mom because she was starting to show horrible bad and the thick baggie sweatshirts were not hiding it and were getting suspicious. She came home from a walk and decided it was time.
“Mom we need to talk about something” she said. .“What’s going on honey? is everything okay?” “Actually things are not okay, about 2 months ago I found out I was pregnant with Dylan. I didn’t know how to tell you right away and I’m sorry for not telling you right away.”
“Oh my gosh Cassie you’re kidding right?” “No mom I’m not kidding at all. I don’t know what to do and how I am going to handle this mom. I really hope you don’t hate me. Dana is the only one that I told about being pregnant because I didn’t know how to tell you but my doctor at the free clinic helped me figure out ways to tell you and I finally got the nerve to do it and I feel like 10000 pounds have been lifted off my shoulder by telling you now” Cassie cried to her mother. “Well we will handle this and it is not that I’m mad at you Cass it’s that I don’t know how you are going to handle this without Dylan here to help you. But I am here for you no matter what happens and will help you through this.” Her mother said as she got up to give Cassie a hug. “Thank you mom I love you so much” Cassie said as she hugged her mother. “I love you too honey how’s about we go shopping for some baby stuff?”
“Actually I have a doctor’s appointment at 1:30 if you would like to go with me and Dana. She wants to know because I find out what I am having today” Cassie asked. “I would love to! She hugged her again and walked out the door to get into the car. Cassie could not believe how well her mother took this but she knew it was going to be hard to do exactly what her mother said, raise this child without Dylan here to help pay for things and help take care of the baby with her.

October 18th 2009 (3 months later)

Cassie is now 8 months pregnant. Cassie found out when she went to her next appointment that she was having a little girl and she was going to name it Carly Jo. She was doing great. She got a job down at the Pizza Palace and was trying to get her own apartment at a cheap but nice place. She came home from school one day and found a letter in the mail saying that Dylan’s parents were trying to fight for custody of Carly. They thought she was going to be an unfit mother and couldn’t handle the responsibility of being a single teen mother. Cassie was irate and went inside to show her mother the letter. Cassie knew she could fight off this because she had the best lawyer in town and would win this case. She had a meeting with them that Thursday and knew this wasn’t going to be good.

Thursday came around. Cassie and her mother headed over to the court house to meet with their lawyer. Dylan’s parents walked in and glared at Cassie as she sat there talking to the lawyer. She was kind of scared but not really, she knew she could fight off all the horrible things they were going to say to her. Dylan’s parents haven’t talked to her since he died and knew they only wanted this baby because it was a piece of him. They made a court date and time and left. When the court day came, Cassie, her mother and the lawyer headed to the courthouse to figure all the stuff out. Court lasted an hour and 20 minutes. Cassie won the custody battle like she knew she would and Dylan’s parents agreed to help pay for the baby stuff and medical bills. Cassie then had a great feeling about life.

November 27th 2009 (1 month later)

It was about 12:30 at night when Cassie started having contractions and her water broke. Her mom rushed her to the hospital. Cassie didn’t have any troubles and had little miss Carly Jo at 3:27 A.M. Carly weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces and was 19 ½ inches long. She was very healthy and beautiful. Cassie and her mother thought she looked just like Dylan!

When Cassie takes Carly home she walked out to get the mail and finds another letter from a weird place. Cassie opened it. CSI found out who drugged Dylan the night he got in the accident and put him in prison for life. Cassie couldn’t believe what she was reading. Finally they did something about this horrible person who ruined Cassie’s life. Cassie walked into the house picked up her baby girl and kissed her on the head. She knew this was the beginning of an amazing life!

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