Northwestern Memorial Hospital, 10:23pm

May 10, 2011
My name is Grace... I can’t see. My body is tingly and numb. I can’t breathe: my lungs won’t work. I only hear beeping and sobs. My name is... I feel peaceful, light like a feather, unattached to anything.
No, I feel heavy, my eyes (are they mine? are they even eyes?) flicker but nothing lightens my vision. My name is Grace... A sudden pain wracks my body; I can tell, but I can’t feel it.
I find a pinpoint of white. I can see! It is growing wider and wider. I am rising up into the light; it blinds me. (I hear a cry; I try to answer.) Now dark spots float on my eyes, and grow bigger. My name is... They expand outwards, covering the light. I strain to see through the darkness. My name is... My vision goes black my name is Grace...
And there is nothing.

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