A Fishy Prom

April 4, 2008
By Kyra Karenke, Conover, WI

Life under the sea is something all girls wish to experience sometime in their life. For 17 year old Addy, she didn’t have to wish for it. Her dad was king of the West side of the Atlantic Ocean. She lived under the sea and she loved it. She loved the colors of the corals, the different animals, and all the games her and her friends would play. Their favorite was boat-tipping; they loved seeing the fear in the humans’ expression when they would wonder what caused them to tip. This game was very risky though because the one rule of being a mermaid is that humans are not allowed to see you. It’s way too risky. If humans knew of mermaids, who knows what could happen. They might start fishing for mermaids to display in zoos or aquariums or maybe they would even try to kill them. There have been some close calls with humans claiming that they saw a mermaid, but in the end the other humans above the sea just found them to be crazy. That is why nothing stops Addy. She loves her adventures under the sea, especially with her best friend Floundora. Yes, she is a fish, but they have so much fun together. She’s the only one that is always there for Addy and she doesn’t laugh at her for loving her adventures. Addy loves searching through old things under water, such as boats. She enjoys finding and collecting things, and just wondering what the humans used them for. Addy thought a lot about life above the sea. She was fascinated with how people walked, breathed, and even dressed. Life above the sea seemed so different from Addy’s life and that is why she loved to explore, to know the mysteries of humans.
Addy went out on one of her adventures with Floundora when she came across an old and abandoned ship in the deep trenches of the ocean. It was a huge ship!! She found the word Titanic written on it.

“TIT-ANIC. I wonder what that means, probably a name or something,” Addy thought to herself. She searched through the ship finding random and miscellaneous items. “I never knew this ship was here. I wonder how long it has been here.” She figured it has been down here for awhile due to the rust.

“Since 1912, well, that’s what was next to the name,” answered Floundora, “I never knew about it either. We could ask someone and see if they know if you want to.”

“No, I just want to keep looking around,” said Addy. Addy continued her search through the gigantic ship. It looked like it had once been very pretty. She thought of many things while she was swimming around. Such as, well, what it was doing under the water. What happened to it? Were there people on it? What happened to them? All of her questions got pushed back when she found a very peculiar item. “What is this thing Floundora?”

“I have no idea. It looks like a cup of some sort, it’s very beautiful though,” said Floundora. The cup looking item was very shiny and had a color of a bright gold. Addy was amazed by her found. She picked it up and laughed. “What is it Addy?”
“I can see myself and it’s kind of funny looking. I just can’t see it very clearly though. I’ll give it a few clean rubs.” As Addy did just that a puff of smoke was released from the item. POOF!!!

“Whoa!!” they both said.
“Why HELLO!! My name is Jeanie.” said a very, VERY cheerful voice.
“What are you?” asked Floundora.
“Why silly I am a Genie. Jeanie the Genie is what I am and you are my master,” she said while pointing to Addy.
“Your master? What are you talking about? Where did you come from?” Addy asked so confused.

“Oh silly mermaid, let me explain. I am a genie and genies live in lamps.”
“Yes, this item is a called a lamp and I live there until someone calls me out. This is done by rubbing the lamp, like you did. So, since YOU rubbed it. YOU are my master”
“What you can live in that thing?”
“Oh but I do. Not now though because YOU have freed me.”
“Ok?? What does that mean?”
“You get to be granted three wishes.”
“What? That’s crazy, you’re crazy. You can’t just grant my wishes.”
“Oh silly yes I can, just try.”
“Ok..,” Addy said as she thought for a moment, “…I wish for a pet dolphin.”
“Wish granted.” POOF!! As those words were said a beautiful young dolphin appeared in front of Addy and was twirling and dancing around.
“That is so cool,” said Floundora, “And I love dolphins. What will you name it Addy?” Addy was speechless. She didn’t know what to say.

Jeanie giggled out loud. “Oh silly mermaid, this will be so much fun. I love doing this. Plus, I’ve never done this for a mermaid before. Which, by the way, what is your name?” asked Jeanie
“Addy. Addy Trident.”
“Oh my, isn’t that just a lovely name and what is your friend’s name?”
“My name is Floundora,” Floundora piped in.
“Wow this is all so shocking. I don’t know what else to wish for. I have a pet dolphin and that’s something I’ve always wanted. Let me think of a second wish. Oh I know. I need new seashells. It takes so much time to find new ones and I want to find really cool and pretty ones. I just don’t have that time. So, I wish for the prettiest seashells.
“Wish granted.” POOF!!
“These are so pretty,” said Addy. She gleamed over her new shells. They were white with speckles of pretty greens, blues, purples, pinks, and all the colors. She loved them. “Thank you so much,” Addy exclaimed. “And now for my third wish. You know, I don’t want to waste. I want to think about it. Can I get back to you?”

“Of course you can silly. Just take this lamp with you and when you are ready, you know what to do. Good luck.” POOF!! Jeanie the Genie was back in her lamp. Addy and Floundora decided to head home, it was getting late and she couldn’t be late for her curfew. Addy hopped on her new dolphin, which she named Roxanne, and Floundora followed behind. On the way home Addy thought of what her last wish will be.
The next day a few of Addy’s friends and Addy decided that they wanted to have some fun. They were swimming around under the sea when they saw a small rowboat above. They all looked at each other and smiled as they knew they all had the same idea. They quickly swam up, but not too high so they could be seen. The friends took turns tipping the boats. They always fought over whose turn it was. They just all loved getting the rush.

“Ok whose turn is it?” said Brenda. Brenda was a year older than Addy, but they’ve been best friends from birth. Their moms have been best friends since they could remember, so of course every time Addy’s mom put on an event at the castle and Brenda’s mom would go, Brenda went too. She didn’t mind though, they enjoyed hanging out; they have so many memories together. Most of them involving boat tipping
“I think it’s Carrie’s turn,” said Addy. Carrie was another friend of Addy. They’re in the same grade so they’ve grown up together and have spent a lot of time hanging out in school.
“No it’s not, she just went the last time,” said Tina, “It’s my turn!” Tina was another friend that Addy went to school with. She wasn’t very close with Tina, she had a big mouth and was very opinionated, but she was still fun to hang out with once and awhile.
“Ok, let’s play anemone,” suggested Addy. Brenda swam down to the bottom of the ocean and pulled four strings off the sea anemone. She swam back up to join her friends then ripped one string in half to make it shorter than the rest and put them all in her hands and made them appear the same size.

“I’ll go first,” said Tina. She grabbed a long one. Carrie went next. And she grabbed the long one too.

“This is it,” said Addy. If she grabbed the long one too then it would be obvious that Brenda had the short one and she would get to tip the boat, but if Addy grabbed the short one then it would be her turn.

“Oh man!” cried Brenda. Addy had pulled the short one. She would get to go up and tip the boat. They all cheered her on as she swam up to the boat. She peered up very slowly and made her way to the back, where no one could see her. There were three people in the boat and right before Addy was about to tip it something they said caught her attention.

“Oh I can’t wait till the prom,” said the first girl, “I can’t wait till I can dance in my dress.”
“Me too, I love my dress where are you and David going?” said the second girl.
“I don’t know. He’s going to surprise me; he’s so cute like that. Who are you going to go with again Claire?”

This time the third person spoke up. “I’m going with Andrew. We’re just going as friends though, but I can’t wait. It’s going to be so much.”

As Addy overhead their conversation she couldn’t help but wonder more of what the Prom was. It sounded like so much fun. Then and idea hit her and she was so excited that she forgot to tip the boat. She swam back down under the water and swam right past her friends.
“Where are you going?” yelled Brenda.
“I forgot to do something. I’ll catch up with you guys later.”

“You didn’t tip the boat.”

“Sorry, Tina can do it. Later guys.” Addy couldn’t wait to get back home.
Addy swam as fast as she could to get back to her house. She went in her room and pulled out her lamp. She rubbed it three times just like she was shown. POOF!

“Hello kiddo.”

“Hi Jeanie. Look I have my last wish, but first I need to know what the Prom is.”
“Oh my, the prom! It’s a very magical night of dancing all night long! You get all dressed up and buy a very fancy dress. You do your hair and buy new shoes. All that stuff so you feel just like a princess. All the people have fun as you go out to dinner then make your way to the dance.”

“I want to do that.”

“Are you sure? This is a very big deal. Since you’re asking to pretty much be someone else, since you would have to be human, there are rules that have to be followed.”
“I understand. What are they?”
“You will have the week before to prepare and get all the plans settled. You will obviously have legs and be human for that week, but on the night of prom you must be back in the sea by midnight. You will become a mermaid again at that time.”

“Where will I stay every night?”

“You’ll be staying with a very nice family who is expecting you. You’ll be their niece that is visiting so they can experience their cousin’s prom.

“All right, you know what to do.”

“I wish to go to the prom.” POOF!

As Addy woke up from a deep sleep everything was coming back to her. She looked down and she saw her legs. She felt so excited to see that this was all real. She attempted to jump out of bed, due to all her joy, then fell. She silently laughed to herself. She knew she would need to get used to it and learn how to use them properly. She got up very slowly and tried again. She was a little wobbly this time, but didn’t fall. She seemed to get the hang of it
“Addy, breakfast is ready. Carol is leaving in 30 minutes for school.”

“Coming,” Addy yelled downstairs. That must have had been her aunt and Carol must be her cousin. Wow, this is going to be an exciting week. She quickly got dressed and brushed her long brown hair. I’m definitely going to get it done for prom, maybe curls. She thought to herself. Addy had hair most girls would die for, but to her it was boring and straight. Oh she couldn’t wait for the prom. Addy made her way to breakfast, hmm is smelled good.

“Are you ready for school Addy?”

“Yeah, I’m just going to have the same classes with Carol right?”

“Yep, this will be fun. Mom we’re still going to the stores after school to look for a dress for Addy right?” said Carol.

“Sure, I’ll meet you girls there.”

“Oh my gosh, I’ll pick out my dress? OOH, I can’t wait.”

“Oh you are something else,” said her aunt, “All right girls get going. Have a good day at school.”

“Bye mom.”

Addy’s day at school was pretty good. She met a few girls, some that were pretty nice to her, but some that were just plain old mean. She was surprised that the girls weren’t much different from mermaids under the sea. She didn’t really care because she just wanted school to be over so she could get her dress. She pulled up with Carol so excited she couldn’t control her jitters.

“Oh it’s about time we get here. I’ve been waiting all day for this.” Addy said to Carol.

“Mom’s already here. Let’s go.”

“Don’t have to tell me that twice.” Addy raced out the door and didn’t even wait for her cousin as she anxiously ran through the store doors. Her mouth dropped to all the dresses she saw. She didn’t even know what to think.

“Hello Addy,” her aunt said as she greeted her, “How was your day?”

Addy was so preoccupied with all the beautiful dresses she barely knew what her aunt said. “Oh, it was fine,” Addy mumbled out.
“Ok,” Her aunt could see the astonishment in Addy’s eyes. She chuckled to herself then led Addy to the dressing room, “If you want to go in there we’ll hand you a few dresses and you can tell us what you think so we can choose one out.”
Addy followed and before she knew, it she was trying on all sorts of dresses. Some were poofy, some short, some strapless, and some fitting. She tried on so many she felt she tried on the whole store, until she found “The Dress”.

“This is it.” Addy said smiling ear to ear.
“It looks beautiful,” Carol said.

The dress was sparkly and strapless. The top was light purple but the bottom had a mixed of light to dark purples. It was slightly poofy with a bell shape A-line. The bottom material was a lacy type. She loved it and she felt like a princess. She knew it was the one.
They purchased the dress then made their way home. During breakfast the next day her aunt informed her that she made an appointment for her to get her hair and makeup done that Saturday afternoon. Addy was excited to hear that. Now the only thing she was worried about was her date. She really wanted to be asked and have a date.
Throughout the day at school she talked to people more than she did yesterday. She felt more confident walking with Carol and just meeting different people. She figured she has nothing to lose, maybe one of the guys she meets will ask her to go to prom. She started to feel hopeless though until a guy named Landon introduced himself to her during lunch. They started talking about themselves and laughed a lot. He was really cute and she started to like him. There was something about him that she just seemed to really enjoy. He seemed kind of dorky, but she later realized he was the school’s hot-shot. Everyone liked him. Yet somehow he didn’t have a prom date. She was hoping that he would ask her before lunch was over, but that was only a hope because he didn’t.
Landon and her talked everyday at lunch and each day she learned more about him and she grew fonder of him. When she woke up Friday morning she still didn’t have a date. Oh well she thought. Even if she didn’t have a date it would still be a magical night, it’s just that a date would make it magical. As she made her way to lunch that afternoon she saw Landon talking to a group of friends. She said hi as she walked by and he replied back with a “Hey” and a huge smile. Oh did Addy just love his smile. It was perfect with the cutest dimples. When she got in the line she looked back at him with his friends and she noticed they kept glancing at her like they were talking about her. She didn’t make a big deal about it and continued through the line and sat down at the table her and Landon have been sitting at together for the past week.

“Hey Addy.” Landon said as he approached the table also.

“Hey Landon. What’s up? Where you talking about me” she said in a sarcastic flirting way. She was just joking around, starting up some conversation.
Landon gave out an “I’ve been caught” laugh and replied with. “Yeah I was and I sort of had a question to ask you.”

“Yeah, what is it?” Right as she said that her heart started beating faster. Oh my gosh, could this be it she thought.



“I know that it’s already Friday and I’m really late to ask but…will you go to the Prom with me?

“Well, I really wish you would have had asked me sooner.”

“You already have a date. I understand. I’ve really held it off, I’ve been so nervous and-”

“Because you would have had know sooner that I would say yes, because this whole week I’ve been hoping you would ask me.” Addy said smiling.

Landon gave a laugh and smiled. “Ok, I’ll pick you up at 5:30 then.”

“Where are we going to dinner?”

“Ahh, I can’t tell you. It’s a surprise.”

“Ok, I can’t wait. I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Addy couldn’t believe that it happened. They left the lunchroom and Addy just felt a feeling she couldn’t describe. She started to walk away to her locker to tell Carol everything when Landon called out her name.



“What color is your dress?”

Addy smiled and replied, “Purple.”

That night Addy was floating on clouds as she told her cousin and Aunt all about her date.

“I’m so jealous,” said Carol.

“Oh please, you’re going with your boyfriend.”

“I know, but Landon is a Hot-tie,” the girls giggled.
“Well I’m so happy for you Addy. I hope you have a great night,” said her aunt, “But you two need to get some sleep if you want tomorrow to come.”

“Yes ma’am,” said the girls.

Addy lied awake that night only dreaming of the next day. She couldn’t wait. She could see it all falling together. She had the perfect dress and now the perfect date. She started to get down with the blues though because it hit her that after this night, it would all be over. She wouldn’t see her cousin and aunt again. Most of all Landon, she really liked him. She finally met someone that she felt such a good connection with, yet it will never work out. I guess all she can do is wish. As she thought about these thoughts more she just decided she wasn’t going to ruin the perfect night getting worked up about it. She went to sleep anticipating the next day.
She woke up ready for the day as her and Carol started it off with going to their appointments. When the dresser asked her how she wanted her hair, Addy just smiled and told her how she wanted it.
“Curls please!”
The girls had such a blast getting all dollied up and just talking, looking at magazines, and laughing. When that was over the girls went back to their house to get their dresses on and wait for their dates to take pictures. As Addy slipped into her dress she couldn’t explain what she thought. The way the dress fit her and hit the floor just at the right length and her long brown hair curled around her face was all too perfect. Then her aunt walked in to tell her that Landon was here. This is it, Addy thought to herself. She slipped on her shoes and made her way downstairs. She saw Landon and her heart began to beat faster. He greeted her with a smile and a corsage.

“Is this for me, it’s beautiful,” Addy exclaimed. The corsage had little purple flowers it with one little white rose. “You look really nice,” Addy said. Landon was in a simple black tux with a purple tie that matched her dress just right.

“You look gorgeous Addy,” Landon complimented.

“Thank you,” Addy said to him with a smile. They took pictures by the fireplace, on the stairs, outside, and on the swing. They looked so happy and natural in them all. They kept posing until it was time to leave for dinner.

“Ok you two, have a great time. Remember Addy, your mother will be picking you up after the dance,” said her aunt.

“Thank you so much, for all you have done for me,” Addy gave her a hug and they said their goodbyes. Addy entered into the limo with Landon ready for her night to begin.

“Are you going to tell me where we’re going now?” asked Addy.
Landon chuckled, “I can’t really describe it to you. Just wait we’re almost there.” When they arrived Addy couldn’t believe it. Landon had a set table on the shore with candles and music playing.

“Oh my gosh Landon, it’s beautiful.”

“I know how much you love the ocean and I thought this would be special.”

“Oh it’s perfect.” They sat down and enjoyed their dinner in each others company. They had seafood and pasta and it was delicious.

“Did you like it?” Landon asked.

“Oh I loved it.”

“Are you ready to go then?”

“Oh my gosh I totally forgot about the dance. Yeah let’s go.” They entered back into the limo and made their way to the dance. The theme of the dance was under the sea, how ironic. It was outside and on the seashore too. When they walked in Addy was speechless. They took their picture then joined their friends on the dance floor. They were singing, dancing, and laughing all throughout the night. They danced all night long just holding each other close and having fun. They both knew it was going to be their last night. Landon just thought she was going back home, but Addy knew it would be impossible to ever be with him again.
“I have something for you,” Landon said to Addy during a dance, “Follow me.” She followed right behind him as he led her down to a path by the ocean. “I know we probably won’t be able to see each other again.” Addy started to feel a tear fall down that Landon wiped away. “This night was really special for me and you are such an amazing girl.”

“Landon there is something I need to-”
He cut her off as he pulled something out of his pocket. It was a locket.

“Landon, this is beautiful!”

“Open it up.”

“Oh my!” There were two pictures and they were from the ones they took at her aunt’s house. One was a nice smiley one and the other was a goofy one.

“I had the limo driver print the pictures off and put it together while we were at dinner.”

“Landon,” tears started spilling down. She couldn’t control them. He made this night so perfect. It was magical, just like how Jeanie described it to her. She cared so much for him, but there was nothing she could do. “This is so beautiful. I love it. And I love-” Landon cut her off as he started to lean in for a kiss. Right as he was about to hit her lips, the clock struck twelve. Addy pulled away as she gasped. Confused, Landon thought it was because he was moving fast going for the kiss.

“No Landon it’s not that, it’s…it’s midnight. I have to go.”

“But wait Addy, it’s not over yet. When can I see you?” But it was too late, Addy was already gone and into the sea. Landon understood now what the situation was. He didn’t understand though why she never told him. He had so many questions to ask her, but he knew he would never see her again. How could he?
As Addy returned to the sea it felt good, at first, it seemed good to be home. She had a kind welcome from her best friend Floundora.

“Addy I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too Floundora, but I have had a great time.” Addy was in a daze dreaming about her week.

“You saw the humans didn’t you?”

“How did you know?” said Addy distracted from her thoughts. She didn’t want anyone to really know, but I guess Floundora could just see right through her.

Floundora gave a smile. “When you left so fast from the boat tipping I went to your room later and saw that the lamp was gone. I figured you wished to go up there. Plus you’re Addy, and I know you.” The girls laughed a bit. “I’m really glad you’re back though Addy, it hasn’t been the same.” They exchanged in a hug but were interrupted from Addy’s other friends cheering for her return.

“Addy where in the sea have you been?” asked Brenda, “We’ve been worried sick.”

“Oh my goodness you guys. I just had the most amazing time of my life.”

“Well come on Addy tell us.” said Tina. Addy told her story of the lamp and her wish to be human so she could go to the prom. She told them all about her dress and Landon and even showed them her locket.

“Wow, Addy. That is really beautiful,” said Brenda.

“You guys look so cute. I love you dress Addy,” complimented Carrie.

“Yeah, I love it so much.”

“Do you miss him?” asked Carrie.

“Yeah I really miss him. I can’t stop thinking about him. We had such a good connection guys. I care about him a lot. I just want to know what he’s doing.
A year later Landon still didn’t forget about Addy. He wondered about her everyday. Then one day while he was walking around the ocean, in hopes of seeing her like he did just about every day, he found something a bit peculiar. Could it be? A GENIE LAMP!! He knew how these things worked. He rubbed it three times. POOF!!

“Hello there sir. My name is Jeanie!”

“Whoa, wow. So do I get three wishes?”

“Absolutely. What will they be young man?”

“Hmm, what will I wish for? Oh I know, for my first wish I want a 72’ Dodge Charger Super Bee.”

“What color?”

“Red” POOF!! There it was his dream car right in front of him. “Oh and my second wish is for there to be World Peace.” POOF!! Landon felt good about that wish.
“For my last wish, I wish…to be a merman.” Landon knew this would be his wish.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. I need to be with Addy. I’m crazy about her and I think about her all the time.”
“I think she’s pretty fond of you too.”
“You think? Oh man, I can’t wait to see her. So that’s my wish.” POOF!!
Landon loved the way it felt to be able to swim as fast as he ever wanted. He searched around for the castle, but it didn’t take too long to find since there aren’t many castles in the sea. He started to approach it until he stopped because he saw he didn’t need to go in the castle to see Addy, she was just below him swimming around.

“ADDY!!” Landon shouted as he started to swim real fast towards her.
Addy looked up and didn’t believe what she saw. She had to take a double take

“Addy I’ve been thinking about you all the time.”

“How? What is going on?”

“I found the lamp and wished to be a merman so I could be with you.”

“Landon I meant to tell you all bout it. I just-”

“Don’t worry about it now Addy. All that’s important is that I’m with you. I didn’t get a chance to say it to you but I love you Addy!”

“I love you too Landon!”

They enjoyed each other’s presence and held each other. It was just like in Landon’s dreams, he couldn’t of had dreamt in any more perfect in the last year. The current opened the locket that Addy wore around her neck; it was the one that Landon had given to her a year ago. It reminded them both of that magical night. They held each other for what seemed like forever, they didn’t mind because they had forever to be together.


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