My Worst Day

April 1, 2008
By William Swihart, North Little Rock, AR

November 5, 2007. That was my WORST day ever *note: this is completely fictional*. Three things in that day went horribly wrong… I overslept, which, in turn, caused me to: injure myself, miss the bus to school, and turn my entire school day upside down.

It all started that morning. I opened my eyes and stood up from the soft, comfortable, beige bed, and strolled over to the long, wavy curtains. I parted them and looked at the plain, bland street below. There were many cars driving along it, red ones, blue ones, grey ones, all sorts of cars. Some dull, some dazzling. But it was strange too, not this many cars drove at the time I generally arise from my sleep. I gazed around the rectangular, blue-walled room until my eyes fixed on a depressing sight… the clock. I ran over to my very bright closet and got dressed as swiftly as I could. I sped down the hallway, and stumbled on a floor-mat, causing me to fall down the stairs. I began to get up, then I realized how much my ankle hurt, it was burning with an intense pain. I heard a horn honk outside my front door, it was the mustard-yellow school bus. I managed to get outside just as it drove off down the un-impressive street. I called my uncle, and thankfully, he was able to bring me to school. I made it to school, the large, red-brown brick institution, and got a tardy. Getting the small white slip made me mad, mostly at my alarm clock… that black box of torment. I went to my locker, and as I was preparing for my first period class, I noticed that I’d left all of my home work at home. So I marched into the class, got my book sized purple-gold planner signed, and got a D-Hall for leaving my gym clothes at home, something else I forgot. The rest of the terrible day went about the same… getting my planner signed left and right, and stacking up more and more D-Halls. When I finally managed to get back home, I went upstairs, my ankle still aching from previous actions, and laid down on my bed… that’s when it decided it’s legs would snap, sending me to the floor.

“This has got to be the WORST day ever!” I shouted.

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