Farewell My Creator

April 30, 2011
By missyrissa BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
missyrissa BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
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You broke your promise to relieve me of my miseries and create a creature as deformed and repulsive to the human eye as me. Even after I shared with you in my wisest words, my story. All I asked of you at the very least, was to present me with a being (of the opposite sex) constructed of human flesh as I was. But you didn't stay true to your word. I hid, watching you carefully at work. I began to get eager and hopeful, until I saw you tear away at your progress. Only final touches were to be made, but you destroyed everything. This angered me. I walked accompanied by no one, distant from mankind, drowning in my own sea of loneliness and despair. The depression that overcame me, speedily transformed into a burning hatred for you, and a deep desire to seek revenge. I wished for you to experience the horrible melancholy which I faced . This arose from an awful sense of my hideousness that set me apart from the human race. I yearned to be loved and to return love. But you, my despised creator, refused to reward me that happiness.

So I took from you those whom your most sincere affections were for. I murdered in rage those who I knew were of great significance to you. Those who you loved. I killed one of your most honorable companions, Henry Clerval. Your undeniable love was at last expressed for your cousin Elizabeth, and the feeling was mutual. You traveled to Geneva to greet her where quick plans were made involving your marriage. She whom you had cared for all your life, and who stole your heart with her sweet and most amiable actions, was soon to be your wife. You trembled in fear of what was to come that night of your wedding. For I offered these words to you nights before, “I shall be with you on your wedding night”. Unlike you, I remained loyal to my vow, and I took the life of your beloved that night. This left your father with the utmost unbearable grief, and he past away in your very arms because of it.

You may suspect a high amount of satisfaction that saturates my heart at this very moment, but in reality it is filled with disgust and sorrow. I am poisoned with an indescribable sense of regret. I acquire an intense loathing for myself and the things I have done. Curse the world that you cannot erase past events, for they are so horrifying in the future, and it is unfortunately not until then that you recognize the immorality of them. I beg of you to believe that out of an earnest and most sympathetic heart, I am forever sorry. I should think it impossible to ever receive your forgiveness. Each moment I am plagued by memories of the evil I performed. The images I have of the murders I so heartlessly committed are vividly implanted into my mind. I realize I am once again where I started. Trapped in my own tragic isolation. Except it is only now that I have ever truly felt like a monster. Therefore, to alleviate the wretched pain that has encompassed both our hearts, I have decided to kill myself. It is not of a selfish reason, but more so to hopefully satisfy you. I will finally departure from all mankind, in wishes that it may return to its natural state of peace, and that you may once again be happy. It is after all, not where such an inhumane and destructive creature as I belongs. By now the act has probably already been done. For I could not stand to live with myself anymore. Farewell, my creator.


The author's comments:
I wrote this from the perspective of Frankenstein for a school project . It made me realize how awful it is to be despised by the world because of who you are and to reach that point of deep depression and raging anger, where you feel like you no longer want to live. Relating to Frankenstein, you feel like a monster.

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