Shreds of the Heart

May 5, 2011
Kreepy sat in the middle of the tavern, hunched over something as if holding it. The muscles in his back rippled with the tension and strain placed over his body. The entire tavern was in chaos, the air cracking, the walls of the Cauldron trembling with anxiety. The floors were cracked, the walls peeling as the chairs were aging into brittle dust, the post shattering where they stood. Blood covered the floor, splattering the dying walls. There were many broken chairs and pieces of shattered glass covered the floor, claw marks tracing the floor and walls as if there had been a great struggle and fight. Claw marks dragged down Kreepy's back and shoulders, bite marks covering him from head to toe yet he appeared to not even notice them, or rather if he did they only enraged him. His entire body was trembling with an effort not to unleash every ounce of his fury upon the place. In his arms, a bloodied and mangled bundle lay, clutched in his grasp. It was tiny, covered in matted black fur. The grey tail and paws lay stiff and limp in his hands, the little grayish blue tongue lolling out the side of its mouth. The ragged ears lay unmoving, eyes closed and the small grey nose no longer twitching. Every now and then Kreepy's body jerked in such a way no being of this dimension would be able to comprehend it as him even moving. Searing black tears sizzled their way down this cheeks as he sat there, on the splintering edge of purest and darkest aberration of his sadistic insanity.

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