April 21, 2011
By jphelan GOLD, Peoria, Arizona
jphelan GOLD, Peoria, Arizona
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He was quite the one to be around since he was so funny. Kids loved him because of that and no one hated him. He was the guy in school you don’t mess with either. His name is Brad; Brad is the captain of the football team for Coleen high school. No one messed with him because he was huge, his arms were like the size of 5 gallon tanks, his Pecs were showing through his double shirts, he had a six pack, and he had massive calves. He always liked to joke around all the time. High school was his kingdom. One day when Brad went to school there was this kid who hated him. He had no idea why, but he just did. His name was Jason, a very scrawny kid about 5’4” and 105 pounds. When Brad was sitting at lunch, the kid came up to him and said some inappropriate things to Brad. Brad told the kid to calm down because he didn’t want to hurt him. Jason said some more inappropriate stuff and then walked off. The next day at school Jason threatened to kill Brad and brad got a little scared because he didn’t know what Jason would do. Brad put Jason’s arms behind his back and walked him towards the office to tell them what Jason threatened to do. He walked up to the front desk and told them what happened and that he had no idea why this kid wanted to hurt him. The office called Jason’s parents and they told them that his sister was diagnosed with leukemia and so he took it out on Brad. Honey, I know your upset, but that doesn’t give you the reason to threaten somebody said the counselor. Brad went back to lunch and told his friends the story and the next day they brought him gifts for his little sister and some get well cards. They apologized to him for his sister’s scary nightmare and they picked up Jason and put him on their shoulders. After that no one messed with Jason and everyone liked him. With the help of encouragement the kids at Coleen high had a fundraiser to help raise money for Jason’s sister’s diagnosis. After about a week after they raised the money, Jason’s sister was cured.

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