Mysterious Creature

May 5, 2011
By stewarkayleen23 BRONZE, Saltsburg, Pennsylvania
stewarkayleen23 BRONZE, Saltsburg, Pennsylvania
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About a few months ago I ran into something so amazing that you will never guess what it is. I was walking home from school one day and I herd something in the distance. It sounded like a hundred horses where headed this way. I looked over to get a closer look and nothing was there. When I got home I was wonder what it was. It could not be a horse there are no farms near by. What could it be? The next day after school I took my friend Abby with me to investigate. I herd that nose again. Me and Abby walk closer and we see a giant unicorn. We could not believe are eyes. It did not look well so me and Abby took it to my house. We lay it in the shed and give it some carrots. Me and Abby called the local vet and asked him if he could come over and look at her. When the vet got there he could not believe his eyes. He said I have helped horses out but never a unicorn. He looked at her and said she was pregnant and to leave her alone for a week. The next week Abby and I went in the shed and we saw to beautiful unicorns before are eyes. The next day we took them back to the place we found them and said we will never forget you.

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fictional love

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