May 5, 2011
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Starting at the age of about 6, I Fred Shelley, witnessed different women passing in and out of my house as if there was free money in the back of the house. Each woman stunning in her own attire. Being so young I did not understand what was going on, I just kept thinking why my mom isn’t at home as much. My mom worked hard at a sewing place while my dad worked at home whether it was farming or hunting in Douglas, Kansas. As I got older I learned the real story and that was that my dad had been having different affairs with women while my mom was gone. After that moment, I never thought I would be the man in the same position. Seeing the hurt and pain in my mother’s eyes killed me inside, I felt weak for her. As I got older at the age of about 24. I found the girl of my dreams intelligent, aggressive and witty. We had an amazing relationship one that I genuinely believed nothing could get in the way of. However, suddenly over the period of months we started welting like a dying rose, slowly falling apart. We both started heading in different directions, still no children keep in mind. Not one of my proudest moments at all, but I had an affair. It was kept secret for not even a day before a serious tragedy happened, one where I realized never take who you have for granted but to cherish them. My wife, Chelsea had gotten into a horrible accident that had taken her life away. The picture taken is the last picture of us and not in the best of moods, we had just argued. It is so sad to see how things ended, I made a wrong turn and now she is gone. The woman I loved the most in my life I had betrayed and deserve to live with that regret. I went crazy for months feeling that I had no way to repent no way to let the truth out and most of all no possible way to fix us and our love for one another that I know still existed, just had to be ignited. A regret that will haunt me forever and the last picture ever taken of us is my reminder of that regret.

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