May 2, 2011
By Anonymous

One Wednesday morning there was a kid named Andy that was walking to school one day. On his way to school he had to pass a house. This house no one knew anything about it was very mysterious like. It was a very big house it was a mansion. This house was not inviting at all, it was very dark nothing in the yard was green, everything in front of the house was charcoal black. No one knew why it was always black every time even in the spring when every ones yards were green this houses yard was black. Well while Andy was walking to get to his first class he met his friend John. John was a very unlucky person he had been struck by lightning 3 times and lived. But hes a little messed up inside he likes to do very weird things.
"Hey John"
"What's up Andy?"
"Nothing much trying to get to class before I’m late."
"Being on time isn't cool come on let’s take the long way."

So they start walking the long way and they get to the house. John says "Hey Andy why don't we go through this yard." Andy agrees and they start walking. While they are walking the notice a funny smell Andy couldn't quite make out what the smell was, so he asks John.
"John what is that smell?"
"Hmmm, I’m not very sure but the grass is crunching under my feet."

John loves fire in his free time he lights things on fire and sets off fireworks. He knows everything about fire. From the hottest point of a fire and the best way to set one. He also knows every piece of very flammable clothing. So John says, "You know it smells very familiar, but I can't figure it out. At that time there hear something fly by their head but could not see what it was. It was very large and was blue. They knew it was not a bird it was too big.
"What was that?", Andy asked.
" I do not know."

Right then the creature landed in front of John. They finally found out what it was, the creature was a dragon. I breath out fire but Andy for some odd reason had a sword and shield and already have them in his hands. So the fire only got on John and he was very up set and Andy helped John get the fire off of him.
"That really hurt", said John.
"I was lucky!"
"No joke!"
Well the dragon had taken off of flight again and was trying to get them from the air this time but they were prepared. So the dodged it this time and were dodging it for about 10 minutes then the dragon got mad and landed. So Andy was prepared to fight. Andy the dragon went on a long fight, not really it only lasted about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes Andy slayed the dragon and they started to walk again after they gained their breath. As they were walking they heard another noise and John jumped behind Andy for protection. But the thing did not show up so they decided to keep walking. They see someone that they do not recognize so they try to avoid him. That does not work very well because he is going straight for them.
"Who is that?”, John asked.
"I don't know"
"Well we will find out".

So they walked in his direction to meet him. When they met him he was a funny looking guy, and John started to laugh.
"Have you..." John asked as he got interrupted.
"But you..."
"Did not know what I was about to say, yes I did. And no I have not been struck by lightning only you."
He looked and Andy and said, "Duel me!"
Andy did not know what to do so he accepted his duel and they began. Andy was dodging blast of fire and ice with is shield. He began to think we was going to be defeated, but the strange man was becoming tired. So Andy took the blows and waited for him to get tired. By this time John had already left very scarred. Finally the strange man could not cast any more spells at Andy. So Andy ran up to him and finished him off. He heard the bell to his school and started to sprint to class. He saw John in his first class and he was telling everyone about Andy. When he walked in The teacher asked Andy for his homework. Andy reached down in his backpack and looked he found ashes and shredded paper where his home work should be.
"The dragon that i fought burned my homework." The class broke out laughing.
"So tell us the story"

So he began to tell the story and the teacher was listening intensely to it. She was very impressed but not impressed enough that he had know one to prove it.
"John was there!"
"Is that true John"
"Yes I was!"
"Is this story true?"
"Very well so mam'."
"Alright then, tomorrow Andy. And no dragons tomorrow please."

So by the time Andy was done telling the story to the teacher the bell rang and she became mad at Andy. So all day Andy did nothing but tell teh story at Lunch and every class explaining to them where his homework was. After today all his teachers were very angry with Andy.

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