Kevin's Underwater Extravaganza

May 2, 2011
By Writing4Pub DIAMOND, Colts Neck, New Jersey
Writing4Pub DIAMOND, Colts Neck, New Jersey
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When you think of an Underwater Extravaganza you wouldn’t think it would take place in New Hampshire, has talking lawnmowers, and people burst into song at least once an hour. But for Kevin anything is possible.

It started out like an average vacation, but it sure didn’t finish that way. “Dad where are you taking us? I don’t want to go to some weird places dad. I am very afraid of Lawn mowers. Especially the Turf Mower 1,00l, it scares me. “Why can’t we go to the indoor snow mountain? I am trying out my brand new kicks. And not only are they good for flipping when you’re snowboarding, are comfortable for falling to!”

“Kevin how? How are those shoes you found in a 1940’s trash can going help you be a better snowboarder?” Kevin’s dad said. “It’s official we are going to New Hampshire to go scuba diving.”

When Kevin and his family finally arrived it was not a peaceful drive starting from Kevin’s shaking to Kevin’s brother hurting him in the backseat. And his family was teasing him about his new haircut. Kevin doesn’t like to spend money on haircuts he would rather just get run over by their neighbor’s lawnmower. But he is trying to grow it out for three reasons.
Justin Bieber’s hair is long and he is Kevin’s idol, He thinks that long hair will help him look faster, and his neighbor’s lawnmower is out of gasoline.

“Dad I’m going to the pier I want to see if I can rent a Row Boat.” Kevin said. There was no response, not even a whistle. Kevin was very suspicious about the situation but he didn’t care much because he was so excited to go Fishing with his trusty Fishing hat and is Playhouse Disney Customized Fishing rod.

I can do this. This is not something hard. I can row this boat all the way out to fishing point. It is only 5 miles away, by car. When Kevin finally got to the sight he was extremely excited about the fish he was going to catch. I am almost to the spot where all the fish are, something was wrong. Wait why is the boat shaking. AHHHHHHHHHHH! Splash. Kevin fell in the water faster then a meteor hitting the water.
Where am I? I think I tipped over my boat but why am I in this city. Why is it called Vegas Las? And who is Chris Largey and why is he the Mayor and not me? I was out for that job! Kevin swam to the closest thing he could find. A house across the city. When Kevin was going through the city he found something that he could never find on land. A Dictionary. When Kevin finally got to the house there was a man mowing his lawn.
“Excuse me sir can you help me find my way home?” Kevin says.

Sure. My name is Benry Aufiero and I am her to help you. I will help you find your way home if you do two things. One you have to let me cut your hair and two… well will see if you get that far.” Benry started cutting Kevin’s hair and did it in the strangest way. Why is this guy cutting my hair with a lawn mower? AHHHHHHHH! Kevin was screaming he was so scared.
“Stop narrating this!” Kevin said. The lawnmower cut Kevin’s hair right off. And then Kevin fainted. No expression he just fainted.

Kevin awoke on a boat not knowing where he was. “ Where am I? And why are Juliana, Peter, and Hannah here.

“It’s alright, man. There is no need to fright, man. You are just on a boat, man. You fell off your last one, man.” Connor said in his famous Jamaican accent. Connor drove Kevin to the hospital. “Here you go, Man. Go to the ER you will need it, man.”

Kevin was taken straight to his room. He was just lying there.
“Nurse who is my doctor? I need to know who he is. He has to know a lot about hair to fix my perfect head.
“Oh well its Dr. Largey.”
“NOOOOOOOOOO!” Then suddenly Kevin woke up not knowing where he was. Then suddenly realizing it was all just a dream.

The author's comments:
It is a funny story of a boy who has lost his ways.

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