My Cinderella Story

January 21, 2008
An open wound never heals, if it’s from a broken heart. The story that every little girl hears when she’s young, Cinderella, her charming prince will come to save her. No prince around here. The one prince I had didn’t want me to begin with. The king betrayed his queen; the two princesses are too scared to trust hardly any men. Seeing what the king did to the queen. The hurt in her heart is there to stay, even when he’s gone. Princess Stephanie had a prince but he left when I needed him the most. Princess Nikki has a prince that has once before hurt her. How are any of us able to love and trust anyone? We’re not, that’s the honest truth. Princess Stephanie has dreams that now are put on hold, or even smashed to help out everyone else in the kingdom. Spending endless days outside in the garden; Writing, dreaming and listening to the beautiful sounds of nature. My tears are turning into time.

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