Rain, Rain Go Away

April 27, 2011
By Anonymous010203 BRONZE, Roslyn Heights, New York
Anonymous010203 BRONZE, Roslyn Heights, New York
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As she begins to climb up the sky, a new day begins. A calm breeze of orange juice permeates through the air. She acts like a feather; floating and escalating to the horizon. Before she can completely spread herself over the world, something stops her in her tracks. She sees them coming and starts to panic. She feels helpless because they outnumber her. They grab her rays before she can run away. They continue to smother her until she is unable to do her job. Powerless, she watches them as they cry all the way down to earth. The initial smell of orange juice is replaced with the dampness of mud. While they continue to sob for days, the wind realizes that she hasn’t been around lately. He finds it strange and decides to look for her. He starts by rustling through the trees. He knows she isn’t there because he finds neither shadows, nor shade. He moves towards the sea. Sadly, he notices that the ocean isn’t sparkling. He sees the gloomy fog looming over the dull, lusterless water. With hopes of finding her, he asks the fog if he has seen her. Without speaking a word, the fog gives a simple response by moving up. Following the fog with his eyes, he finally looks to the sky. He understands the problem and begins to worry. He knows he cannot make them move with kinds words. Gathering all the courage he has, he shoots up into the atmosphere. He moves quickly with all his might. When he reaches the top, he catches them off guard. The force, so strong it blows a car away, cuts through the sky. They disperse with the howl of his energy. The light appears once again. She glows with happiness as she shines over the world. Once again, it is a new day.

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