April 20, 2011
By Harley Sain BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
Harley Sain BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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Hey my name is Peter. I am a teenager. I am not too cool as you can say in this high school. I tend to get pushed around and told what to do. They say that high school will be the greatest four years of your life. Well not for me; it’s the worst four years of my life. I wrote about some of my life here to look back on how my high school life would go.

What I dislike about Mondays, is trouble for me. Not only am I tired as ever and I’m up all night doing homework catching up. They’re slowest days in your life. My Monday trouble and a lot of the older kids in the high school throw cereal at me during break when I’m eating alone.
During my Monday the clock seems that it never moves, and the teachers don’t stop talking. I think they drink too much coffee on Mondays. During class it’s not good the other kids in my class all sit away from me and they don’t like me. I don’t sit near them nor talking to them. Even in the halls the kids push me around. They make fun of me. I tend to just ignore it. No point to tell them different, I’ll be the bigger man in some way. There are many groups in the school. Everyone is labeled, and pretty simple to tell by looking at them or who they hang out with and what they do around them. How they act, during the end of the day on the Monday, is I end up with some gum under my locker. When I unlock my locker, my fingers get all sticky from the gum “sigh”. At least at home its better. But only somewhat.

My next day is Tuesday. I would call it interesting. It seems like something new every Tuesday happens to me. Either I’m getting my sweat shirt hoody tied over my hood or being called names. They don’t really bother me, I just tend to ignore it. It’s kind of funny what they come up with. During the end of my Tuesday, getting on the bus is bad. It’s very loud and annoying to hear everyone yelling around you. It feels best to be back at home, but another day is tomorrow. Wednesday is actually one of the better days compared to the rest.

Riding the bus on Wednesdays, for me, is not the best. I usually end up sitting near the front with a little elementary kid because the other kids don’t want me sitting near them. In class periods other kids in my class always throw paper at me. They also send pointless notes to me with rude drawings on them. Near end of the day my bus ride I end up sitting with another little elementary kid, usually.

Thursdays are rough days for me, because all the kids in my high school want Friday to come. They’re all excited for the weekend. Well, I’m not. School on Thursday takes a long time for me countless events happen. First, in the bathrooms other kids tend to say inappropriate words to me. Class periods are hard to focus in especially when all the other kids are talking and messing around. I was truly trying to learn here. In the hall during break, I am standing alone. I don’t have many friends. They may seem like your friend, but when they’re with more people around they’re a whole different person to you. It’s hard to tell that they’re just messing with you. On the bus Thursdays, I sit by a little elementary kid yet again. They don’t even like sitting by me on the bus. It’s too bad my parents can’t pick me up every day from school and drop me off.

Friday is the final day of the week. It’s just hectic on Friday for me. They seem to all repeat to me on Friday. Throughout my week the same things goes on for me. My hoodie goes above my head. I have the same old bus ride sitting with the elementary kids. I hate getting inappropriate words to me in the bath room. I have paper thrown at me during class. I get pushed. I Stand alone and eat alone. This includes everything else that I mentioned. My high school life didn’t go so greatly as you read, listen to your parents, keep your head up like your nose is bleeding that is what my dad would say.

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Its about a kid, his life.

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