Darkness Consumes me

April 19, 2011
It’s the same thought again, the one that terrifies me.

I look around and see white plain walls, as white as clouds. Looking down the floors are just as white. Just as plain. Black is seeping in though, dark as night, sticky and moving through the walls. Something drips onto my nose and I look up, it’s me. Lying in the middle of this plain white box, in midair, is me. My body is covered in the black tendrils coming out of the wall, they’re pressing through my skin, going all the way through to the other wall. They look solid but moving. Something is wrong, but I can’t place it.

I reach out to try and grasp one of the tendrils on the underside of my wrist, my hand moves through the tendril and it leaves a gap. Not long after does the two halves reunite and become one again. This doesn’t make sense.. I’m standing here, how am I there?

My body pierced with blackness has been here a while… My skin has grown ash and pale, a little cold to the touch. My hair has become dull and long, cascading down to the bottom of the white floor in little wisps of curls. I take a few steps back and observe the dead stillness of my face, devoid of any emotion. Showing no feeling. No sign of life.

I step backward to the wall, feeling the cold and slight vibration in the floor I’ve never felt before. My back presses against the wall and I look down, noticing the plain white gown. Black is seeping through, it’s bleeding down my arms, legs, chest, down my face and tangling in my hair.. the black seeps out of every pore, every atom just as my body in midair is.

My chest constricts as I fight to breathe, I gasp in pain and shock as I look up at myself with tears shining in my eyes watching a silky, terrifically black tendril pierces straight into my chest where my heart lays. My body spasms as I grip my chest, looking down and seeing black pour out a giant hole where my heart should be, seeping into the gown.

I fall to my knees and silently cry out, looking up at myself, she’s staring at me. Tears flowing out of her now open eyes as I find despair, longing and helplessness in them. She reaches her hands out for me, begging for me to help her. “How can I help myself if I don’t know what is wrong?!” I cry out at her.

Her head falls forward, shoulders shaking while she cries silently as the room grows dark, but a tiny bit of light glowing out of her chest, my chest, my body hanging there in midair…

Is this me? Am I asking for someone to save the light inside me? How would someone help me, if I can’t help myself?

My chest is heavy as I get to my feet and walk to myself, to her. I grip her hand tightly and laces my fingers through hers, through mine. I pull her down to myself and rest her head, on my chest. “Someone will find us, hopefully, and maybe… just maybe, they’ll save us from this dark cold box.” As the pure light of innocence, of safety, slip away with it. Sadness, confusion and loss join, I hear myself, her whisper against my chest.. “I hope so too…”

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