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April 11, 2011
By arielprincess95 BRONZE, Seoul, Other
arielprincess95 BRONZE, Seoul, Other
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Once upon a time, there was a wise king and a beautiful, benevolent queen. On a beautiful summer day, their gorgeous princess with brown hair, blue eyes was born.
To celebrate her birth, the King and the Queen threw a huge party and invited the Five Sagacious Wizards of the nation. The party was coming to an end and the wizards casted congenial spells on the baby.

“Venus, beauty be given!”
“Athene, grant her The Wits and Bravery!”
“Eros, find her the Most Suitable Lover!”
The Happiest Marriage from Hera!”
Suddenly, the most malicious, yet powerful Wizard of Night crashed into the party!”
The King and the Queen were surprised, all right. They had put him in the lowest level of the Dungeon Ten Years Ago! He was a vicious wizard, who only knew Wicked Curses. But, by using his Magic Eight Ball Bomb, he broke free!
He, the Wizard of Night, was FURIOUS for being jailed for a decade! Frustrated, the wizard shouted,
“On the moment that precious baby of theirs turns sixteen, Individia, the Goddess of Furiosity, will visit her in the form of a snake! The Venom of the Snake will seep into her neck and give her agonizing death! Muhahahahahahahaha!”
And “Poof!” he vanished, leaving back smoke behind.
With a deep breath, the Wizard of Zeus from the Five Sagacious Wizards said,
“Wise King and beautiful benevolent Queen, do not worry. I will cast a spell on her, so that she would fall asleep for three months, instead of facing death.” And he continued, “the moment she turns sixteen, Zeus, change the vicious venom of Individia to Anesthetics, make her fall asleep, instead of facing death. After three months, awake she will be, by the true love’s kiss!”
And three months, awake she will be, by the true love’s kiss!” Wizard of Athene told the King and the Queen to name their daughter Aerida, after the word Aerial, so that the celestial gods can look over her. Anxious, the King and the Queen decided to keep Aerida in a pension, located in the Labyrinth Island of the East Sea. They made the Fairies of the Five Sagacious Wizards take good care of her, because they thought that being away from the palace would help Aerida to stay alive. But yes, of course, they were wrong.
For fifteen years, 11 months, and 29 days, Aerida was in the Labyrinth Island. She became beautiful princess, with the wits nobody had! Although she did not have magical powers, she knew all the secrets of it! Although she could not cast spells, she was able give little changes to the casted spells and curses! The curse laid upon her was a secret, but she found out about it because she overheard fairies talk about it. The moment she was aware of her curse, she decided to make several Twists on the spell. So, she made amendments to the spell of the Zeus Wizard, and her own fairy tale began.
At 12:00:01 AM, Individia transformed into a Venomous Snake, went into Aerida’s bedroom, and bit the princess’s ankle! But by the Wizard of Zeus’ spell, the venom turned into anesthetic and made the princess fall asleep. Mad at the fact that Aerida was not dead, the Wizard of Night abducted Aerida and caged her in the Tower of Night. He was aware of the changes made by the Wizard of Zeus, but not Aerida’s “amendments.” Because he knew about the true love’s kiss, he made a Ferocious and Gigantic Green Dragon guard the tower.
Three days later, Aerida woke up! She was really surprised to be in this weird room she never saw in the Pension, but she had the wits of Athene alright – as soon as she looked outside of the tower, she noticed what happened! … Technically, she saw ‘the Wizard of Night’ written on the Green Ferocious Dragon’s tail. Because seeing a dragon was not a part of her plan, Aerida was not sure what to do! After contemplating for about three seconds, she decided to slay her dragon and get herself a prince! So, she got the sword that was supposed to be the wall-adornment, jumped out of the nine-story tower, took the dragon by surprise, and
She made a huge gash, starting from the neck and ending at the hip of the dragon. When the dragon was slayed, the Wizard of the Night suddenly appeared! He was enraged, but the moment he saw the awakened princess, he fell in love! So he said desperately, “Princess Aerida. I am dreadfully sorry that I have abducted you. I would like to make up for my misdeed done upon you. Please, allow me to grant you a wish.” And he kneeled down toward Aerida.
She responded, “I see a curse on you and...”
Suddenly, the Wizard of Night became the prince of a neighboring country!
“Princess Aerida! The Wicked Wizard of Oz cursed me to be a malicious Wizard! By saying 'I see a curse on you' you dissipated my curse! Because nobody cared to really look into me, when I was the Wizard of Night, this simple yet cruel curse never disappeared! Thank you Princess Aerida, thank you! But I must say… I fell in love with you. Love at first sight, they call it. Will you marry me?”
Because the prince was very handsome and had elegant manners, Aerida accepted the proposal. And they lived happily, ever after.

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