#1 Anti - Social Wannabe

April 22, 2011
I'm a anti-social wannabe. Let's pretend I'm okay with it. Cause as most people would be, I'm not. And no matter how many clubs I join or how many dates I go on, or how many times I don’t get asked out. That’s all I’ll ever be, is an anti-social wannabe. I dress in what others wear and when I do have something to say, it's what others are saying. Opinions are for outcasts, majority rules ALL THE TIME. I don’t say much, cause I don’t have much to say. This isn’t my world, it's not what I want. I stay home more these days, not cause there's nothing to do. There's nothing for me to do. People call me a wannabe? What does that make them? A liar, a deceiver, someone who can turn around and never look back at what they have done and who they have hurt? I'm probably a wannabe like everyone says, but at least I never lie about it. Anti-social . . . just because I'm not partying every weekend, and texting until my fingers fall of doesn’t make me anti-social. It makes me, mature. Like I said this isn't my world, I didn’t chose to be here. But sometimes when you fall into a situation you have to make the best out of it. I'm a anti-social wannabe . . . What Are You?

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