"Welcome to my funeral" Chapter 1

April 10, 2011
By madison.elizabeth BRONZE, Kennesaw, Georgia
madison.elizabeth BRONZE, Kennesaw, Georgia
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“Welcome to my funeral” I mutter under my cold dead breath, the coldness of my words would normally send shivers down my spine, but I’m a ghost, and ghosts don’t shiver. I guess I should tell you my story, exactly how we ended up at MY funeral. It was four days before my junior prom. My first prom I would have ever been to. I went to get my dress hemmed because I’ve never been the tallest bean in the bean stock. My mom was supposed to come to help me understand the ladies. But something came up with work… something always comes up. I went by myself and my boyfriend, Jason, and I had made plans to meet up after. We were getting gas and coffee at the QT on Reicher Street when all of the sudden gunshots ring out, loudly. And Jason yanks me to the floor covering my ears as if it would take away the fear and noises. Slowly but surely the gunshots slow and finally come to a stop, Jason motions for me to follow him and I do until I realize my phone had fallen, had I not cared so much about the goddamned IPHONE 5 so much I might still be alive. I quickly crawled back to retrieve it when a masked figure appears saying in a deep monotone voice, “going somewhere?” bang… the shot rings out, one shot to my chest and I was gone. My last words were, “JASON RUN!!” So now you know how, but not why, hell I don’t even know why, but all I know is I miss my life. I mean don’t get me wrong Heaven’s great, and the whole ghost thing is growing on me. But I miss my mom, my dad, my sisters and most of all Jason… We had been friends since Kindergarten, I was the girl next door, but we had only started dating freshman year, he was there for me through it all, my first heart break to my last chemo treatment (I’ve been cancer free for only a year to the day). Back to my funeral, it was held in St. John’s United Methodist Church on Reicher Street no doubt (we live in a small town), everyone from school was there, Amanda, my other best friend, and Jason sit in the first row with my family. I was dolled up in a yellow spring dress, spring had come mighty early this year, with my new fresh LAX (lacrosse) Cleats my new Nike’s that I hadn’t even gotten to wear… I had been varsity LAX since freshman year and team captain this year. My make up was professionally done but it was light not too much just how I used to wear it. As I looked around my funeral, floating around and seeing every one dressed in black, I never knew why that was the color of death…

The author's comments:
tell me what you think and CH. 2 is soon to come!!

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