Feel the Sand

April 4, 2011
By Anonymous

I walk through the desolate beach, as empty as a midnight country road, and let the sand squish between my toes. I keep walking and my feet feel the once hot sand become cooler, and feel it going lower, as if I am sinking in to quick sand. I reach the water, and the waves tickle my feet like feathers from a baby chick. I feel the cold rush take over my body. I walk deeper and deeper in to the water, and as I begin to float, hypnosis sets in. I can’t control my body as numbness from the cold, harsh waves, fills me from head to toe. I flow against the soft feel of the ripples, like sheets made of satin. As I cautiously fall in to a light sleep, the water pushes me back to the scorching hot land. I suddenly remember where I am and try to catch my fierce breath. Feeling fills me up as I help myself off the sand, warm as a summer desert. I run my fingers through my stiff hair and feel grains of sand. I slowly walk back to where I came from. A lifeless world.

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