What if you knew...

April 20, 2011
By Anonymous

What is worth your time? What's the difference between right and wrong? Who can you trust and distrust? There's only one answer: nothing. The truth is, what's worth your time you could consider bad or productive, and there's no wrong OR right answer. What choice should you make? Well...make the choice that will actually get you somewhere different other than staying in the same place you were stuck in. Whether it's hard or easy to do, just do it. Don't listen to ANYONE. Because, believe me, the last place you want to be, is in the same place you started at. It will never progress or do anything, it will still be the same mess you created. Who is trustworthy? Here's the deal, if you tell them something simple like, "Hey, I've gotta crush on someone," or something as deep as, "I've moving far away," and they handle them with curiosity and comfort, that's what true trustworthiness is.

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