Legend of The Black Knight

April 19, 2011
By jacksparrow BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
jacksparrow BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
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Once upon a time there was a squire named Bill who lived in Camelot. Bill was really little so everyone called him Little Bill as a nick name. Little Bill’s dream was to be a knight in King Arthur’s court. Unfortunately, he was so little that nobody took him seriously and continuously dashing his hopes of ever becoming a knight. The only one that really paid attention to him was his best friend OJ, Orion Jones. OJ, who was a newly knighted knight, helped Little Bill train as much as possible. One day, when Little Bill was running an errand for OJ, he saw something glisten out of the corner of his eye. Little Bill bent down to pick up the curious item. He picked up a large golden key which, from the looks of it, seemed pretty important. Little Bill thought it might belong to someone so he decided to put it in the Lost and Found box in front of the castle where he worked. As Little Bill was heading back towards the castle a giant knight in shining black armor came riding towards him on a great steed.
“You boy, have you happen to see a key lying around somewhere?” questioned the knight. Little Bill eyed the stranger suspiciously. “Quickly answer me boy, I the Great Evil Knight JO, do not have time for your foolishness!” the knight snapped. Little Bill was not digging this guys attitude at all so he replied,
“Okay, but what’s it look like?”
“Excuse me?” boomed The Great Evil Knight.
“Tha key bro,” smirked Little Bill “What’s it look like man?”
“Just give it to me!” screeched JO.
“Nah-uh man, just tell me wha it looks like fool!” sighed Little Bill.
“Fine! It is ummm…green?” mumbled the fearsome knight.
“Aghhh! Wrong sucka,” laughed Little Bill “this key ain’t green!”
“YOU FOOLISH LITTLE IMP! HOW DARE YOU?! YOU SHALL DIE FOR YOUR INSOLENCE!” screamed JO enraged. He drew his massive sword and charged at Little Bill.
“Oh, I know you just didn’t call me names. Bring it on playa!” said Little Bill drawing his own sword. An amazing whirlwind of dust flew as Little Bill and The Great Evil Knight JO fought ferociously. No matter how many times the enraged knight swung at Little Bill he just couldn’t get the advantage over him. Little Bill dogged the blows this way and that in a flurry of jumps and flips, the knight just couldn’t strike him down. As the fight pursued a crowd began to gather. They stared fascinated and began to cheer Little Bill on. Little Bill became so enamored with the crowd cheering him on he stopped to give a little wave. Unfortunately, since Little Bill was distracted the knight knocked him to the ground, sending the key flying.
“Hah! Now you will die child!” smirked the evil knight as he held his sword to Little Bill’s chest.
“Pft! Yo mamma!” retorted Little Bill. He kicked away the evil knight’s sword, jumped up and scrambled toward the key. Just as he reached for it the key disappeared.
“Dang, where de go?!” questioned Little Bill.
“You have passed your test young squire…or shall I say Knight.” said a voice from behind him. Little Bill spun around and behind him was the great wizard Merlin.
“Oh snap! It’s Merlin” gasped Little Bill. He bowed to the ground out of respect for the renowned wizard.
“Rise young sir. This was all a test of your strength and skill to see if you were worthy of becoming a knight.” smiled Merlin.
“In which it seems you are worthy.” said the evil knight taking off his helmet. Little Bill’s eyes widened as his friend OJ stood before him. Turns out, The Great Evil Knight JO was his best friend OJ in disguise in order to aid with his friend’s test.
“Awww shoot man! I’ve just been punked yall.” laughed Little Bill.
That very same day Little Bill was officially knighted at a ceremony by King Arthur and was given the special gift of “black power” by Merlin to aid him. As a Knight in Arthur’s court, Little Bill did many great deeds. Today he is revered as one of the greatest knights of all time and will forever be remembered as Little Bill: The Black Knight.
The End Yo!

The author's comments:
Well this is a comedy I had to write for class dealing with Chivalry and King Arthur. It's not very good at all haha

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on Sep. 23 2011 at 10:01 am
Saphirra BRONZE, Auburn, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
“Falling is just like flying except there’s a more permanent destination.” -Some person on Tumblr

Very intersting plot! :D  I really liked the new character, Little Bill.  

:) I just think that the way Little Bill and the Black Knight were talking sounded a little too modern.  Maybe you could tone it down a little bit.  (ex. "Nuh-uh man, just tell me wha it looks like fool.") The begining moved a little bit quickly for me to grasp the setting, Maybe you could describe what Little Bill was wearing and what the castle looked like.  

:D You did a great job with this story! :) Keep it up! :D


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