The Real Ending

April 21, 2011
By Emily4200 BRONZE, Florence, Arizona
Emily4200 BRONZE, Florence, Arizona
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I watch him with a deep lust for blood. The walls began speak to me and told me to hide within them. He will never expect it, he thinks I love him ( how sad). As the door creaks open I listen for footsteps.. When I know he is standing in the middle of the room I preceded to jump out from the ugly yellow wall paper and catch him off guard. I cover his eyes and stab the needle into his neck as he struggles for freedom, Just as I have for so long. I giggle a bit as I inject the liquid into his body then whisper in to his ear “ I never loved you”. . . as he slips off in to a coma. The walls tell me run out of the room to look for something to finish the job. As I am running down the stairs to the kitchen I pass the room I must go in to when I am done taking his soul away. I must take it, it is the only way. If I give his evil soul to the the wall paper I will gain the freedom of my own. I search in the kitchen and slowly grab the a sharp knife then gradually walk up the the stairs to where he lays. I watch for a few seconds leaning over his body then taking the knife and stabbing him, as if time is going by slower. When the job is done, I wipe the sharp, beautiful weapon on my shirt to clean it, staining my clean shirt, and gently set it down in the middle of his chest. I have to stay and watch as he goes completely limp and his beautiful soul leaves his dead body. Speaking to the walls they tell me how well I have done and what a beautiful creation I have made slicing up and mutating his body. When I truly know he is dead I kiss his pale, dead cheek and leave my red as blood print on his cheek. The job is done and the soul is taken and it is now my time to run out of the room to find the one thing I was told I could have and protect if I gave his soul, which I have done. As I stare at the closed door I grab to knob and slowly turn it. Music is playing from the the silver music box on the dresser and there he is my beautiful, perfect baby boy laying in a soft crib yellow crib.

The author's comments:
This is my ending to the Yellow Wallpaper by gilman

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