What rain can do

April 18, 2011
The rain is cold on my pale, wet skin.
Goosebumps form all over my arms as my hair stands on end.
The rain falls down, getting harder by the minute.
My hood falls off, but i don't care,
I'm soaked anyways, so it does no good.
My hair has turned that dark color it gets when its wet.
My makeup is running down my face like rain on a windshield.
My jacket is so wet its stuck to me.
The tips of my ears are dark red from the cold.
My bracelet has stuck to my wrist, my necklace to my neck.
My shoes feel so heavy, fore they are water logged.
I can barely bend my fingers which are frozen in place.
All i can feel is your hand linked in mine and the warmth in my heart when I'm with you. <3

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