the bird the cat and the man

April 1, 2011
By why_not BRONZE, Everett, Washington
why_not BRONZE, Everett, Washington
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Oh doom, why have you forsaken me?

“Hey” said the parrot “come here and unlock this thing!”
“For the last time NO!” replied the cat. “How about now” asked the parrot “Nope”said cat “Pretty please with catnip on top” begged the parrot. “Look” snapped the cat “no matter how much you ask my answer is no.”
“Fine” shrieked the parrot “I’ll just pick the lock and then once I get out I’m going to beat you to death with that book shelf over there”
“Pick the lock with what”.
The parrot paused and after checking his cage he said “I seem to be fresh out of lock picks.” “No sh*t Sherlock.” The cat replied.
“Don’t make me tip this cage over and have it fall on you!!” screamed the parrot.
“Yeah right now if your through ranting I’m going to take a nap upstairs.”
As the cat walked away the parrot screamed “Get back I am not through with you!!”
The cat said “Keep yelling I’m sure the master will be pleased.”
“I’m not scared of him, the master can go jump off a cliff into a vat of acid, I’m the master here I’m th--.” The parrot stopped in the middle of his rant as he felt breathing down his neck.
And in his ear he heard the words “I heard everything you just said, and I didn’t like it.” The last sound from the small house on the hill was a scream followed closely by a gunshot. At 11:25 pm a car was spotted along the bridge leading to the city. A man and cat exited the car and tossed over the bridge what appeared to be the body of a bird. Two days later missing posters started showing up with a parrots face on it, investigations lead to a nearby house on a hill just outside the city limits. The next day police cars surrounded the house, swat stormed the house. And from a nearby cliff sat a man in a lawn chair with his cat. “Silly me” said the man “I think left the stove on, oh well” said the man as he pulled out a detonator switch and as he pressed the button he smiled as his house went up in flames and leaned down to pet his cat. the cat thought to itself “this happens once a month.”

The author's comments:
I was bored so I wrote this.

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