The Lost Land

January 10, 2008
The world is a resounding pearl of the beautiful oyster that is the universe. But where might one go in this fair planet? I know where I would go, yet it can only be reached by special means, which I shall not discus now. One would call it a mythical fantasy land that parents tell to they’re children to sleep an night, or something out of the mind of a half crazed lunatic that has just claimed to see a ghost, angel or UFO. Yet it is a real place, filled with wonder and beauties that surpass any wonder of this or any other world. Scientist talk of Atlantis the lost city, but his is greater that that. In this land the faded dreams of the old and young are refreshed and made a new. Who wouldn’t want to go to this magical place, filled with unheard of beasts and lost races. Hearing the trumpeted call of the wild yet peaceful Canodics, a majestic and fair lion like animal. They’re towns, and cities yes, but more ancient and beautiful that any mortal eye has ever set on. The trees and bushes are filled with the most delicious fruits of every shape and size. I won’t tell you how good they tasted, for it would only make you mouth water. If one was to go to this place then the Fairy folk Inn would be the ideal place to stay, near the old Enzlen-guard forest, a place said to be filled with Onies and Wadas, magical creatures of the past. I have been they’re once yes, but a very long, long time ago, which is how I know all of this. Yet I almost wish I had stayed, see the fair Kundlys, and the loving Bukidas. If I ever go back I will bring only my closest friends that also dream of such thing. Yet that will be a will, unless I see a sign.

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