Our Last Words

December 16, 2007
Hello, I'm Meleena George. I'm a simple woman with simple thoughts. I'm married to a man that I love and have two beautiful baby girls. I'm ordinary, just as you. But their's something in my childhood that seems to haunt me every night. I lay awake again this night and I am flashed back to 1985 when I was fifteen years old. My brother knocks on my door to remind me to take out the trash, father's orders. I put down my magazine very harshly on my kinky blue nightstand. Breathing with anger, I walk into the den where my father is reading next to the fireplace. I stood in the doorway. He looked up with a surprised look.
"Leena,baby, would you mind taking out the trash," father said smiling up at me.
"No, I am tired of doing work. Why don't you leave me alone?!" I screamed.
Father sat still, hurt in his eyes.
"Is this what you want Leena?" he asked with a quiver in his voice.
"Yes, And don't ever call me Leena, I'm Meleena. I hate you and I wish Mom had never died because now I'm stuck with responsibility and... I'm stuck with YOU for three years," I said and slammed out the den and into my room. Locking the door, I turned on my lamp and read my magazine until I heard another one of dad's dates pull up to the driveway. I turned my lights out, knowing exactly what would happen in dad's berd tonight. I closed my eyes. I felt guilt. Well, I'll just apologize to dad tomorrow. So what, I didn't feel like doing work? I smiled, reassuring myself that everything would be okay in the morning. Falling into a deep sleep, I wake up ten hours later. Today was Saturday, the day to make everything right with dad. I went downstairs to the voice of silence. My brother, Lucas must still be asleep. I walked into the den where I found my dad slumped in his chair. In his firm, loving hands, he held an empty asprin bottle. On the table beside him was an envelope labeled Leena. I opened the envelope to the enclosed letter:
My little Leena,
You are my lfe. Your brother Lucas is moving out in a couple of weeks as you know, so I only have you since my beautiful wife died last year. Since our conversation, I realize I have nobody. I need to feel needed. So when my date Lydia arrived, I sent her home and decided to commit suicide. If you and Lucas don't love me, than I need to be with your mother. I hope to see you again, my little Leena. Even though you don't love me, I will love you forever. You were my life. Now, my life is over.
Hope To See You One Day,

Two weeks later, I moved in with my brother in his new apartment after being in a foster home for two weeks while arrangements were made. I lived with him until I was seventeen where I met amd married my husband Landon. Three years later, we had twins. I flash back to the present. I watch Landon sleep. I gently get out of bed. I walk to my daughters Elizabeth and Rebecca's room. I look at my girls. They love their father. I look at their pictures on the dresser. They have a recent picture of them with their dad. It is framed with a "We Love Our Dad" pattern. I smile, knowing my kids won't the same mistakes I did. With this comforting thought, I get in the bottom bunk with Rebecca, the youngest and fall into a deep sleep.

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